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Tresario Star Kingdom


The Tresario Star Kingdom (also known as Tresario, Kingdom or abbreviated as TSK) is a sovereign government in the galaxy.

In the twilight days of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom and the Bounty Hunters Guild, its leader, Admiral Jesfa Ackmin, suffered a fatal heart attack. This left the leadership of the young group in the hands Falnor Urthadar. Mere days after taking control of the group, he announced the reformation of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom from a militaristic organization into a new government. He chose with his new power to name the new government after one of the chief houses in the Bounty Hunters Guild, House Tresario. Thus, the Tresario Star Kingdom was born on Year 9 Day 229, and Falnor Urthadar crowned himself as its first King.

Over the following weeks and months, Falnor pushed changes through the system of the government. He first created a parliament to help him lead and to create laws for the young government. His intent with the parliament was to make Tresario into a democracy. Leaders of the parliament began to pass laws and work to transform the Sons and Daughters of Freedom into the Tresario Star Kingdom. After few months, he dissolved it and created the system of the Hall of Ministers to be an advisory council to the King. This lead to the establishment of the three ministries, increasing the organizational structure of the Kingdom. The first Hall consisted of Steve Sphinx as Minister of Economic Development, Dek Sulare as Minister of Military Operations, Ara Tigranes as Minister of Governmental Affairs and Filithell Arborin as Hunt Master of the Bounty Hunters Guild. Falnor also began work on a new constitution for the Kingdom, in which certain members, including Minister Tigranes were high involved in. Meanwhile, as Falnor created his changes, the Kingdom began to suffer. Tresario began to have serious financial issues. Paychecks were low, there was little money to build, and recruitment was nearly nonexistent. (more...)

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"Becoming one of the galaxy’s strongest and most powerful governments is not simply done overnight, and certainly not by pursuing short-term opportunism."
King Alto Rexar - The Principles of Tresarian Success

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  • Lord Wedge Cornely is chosen by King Ridley Forge to serve as the next Premier of Tresario. Year 24 Day 229
  • Researchers found ancient navigation devices on Planet Till Chorios after its discovery. Year 23 Day 353
  • MMO Minister, Lord Xias: "Assets stolen by the Rebel Alliance have no any significant use for Tresario." Year 23 Day 351


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"TNN: Many Heads One Tale"

Posted in GNS by: Clive Redrum on Year 24 Day 229 From the Palace Kalayaan Castle in Bal`demnic City on Bal`demnic (344, 239).

Bal`demnic (TNN) - As the sun rises on Bal`demnic, a sense of excitement and pride fills the air, for today marks the coronation of Premier Sir Ridley Forge as the new ruler of the illustrious Tresario Star Kingdom. Revered throughout Tresario as a 'man of the people', Sir Ridley's rise to power has kindled a spark of hope among the realm's citizens. His ascendancy symbolizes a seamless transition of leadership at the highest levels within Tresario, marking the dawn of a new saga for the kingdom.

Following extensive deliberations and a unanimous vote, the members of House Tresario were as one in their support for the new King's candidacy, citing his unwavering dedication to duty, steadfast leadership, and heartfelt commitment to the well-being of the realm. The resounding endorsement from House Tresario is echoed throughout the Tresario Star Kingdom, as the citizenry looks forward to an ever-brighter and more prosperous future under the leadership of King Ridley and his Ministers.

The coronation ceremony took place within the magnificent Liberty Hall of Kalayaan Palace, the historic venue that has witnessed the rise of Tresario's monarchs throughout the ages. Adorned in regal attire befitting his newfound position, King Ridley stood at the heart of the grand hall with great solemnity and unwavering resolve as he took the sacred oath, swearing allegiance to the Tresario Star Kingdom and its esteemed principles. The atmosphere was one of reverence and anticipation as the kingdom's new sovereign prepared to embark on his noble journey.

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