Hall of Ministers

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Hall of Ministers
General Information
Status Active
Leader His Majesty, King Ridley Forge
His Excellency, Premier Wedge Cornely
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Notable Members Ministry of State:
  • Minister: Vacant
  • Deputy Minister: Okrim Rimdor
  • Deputy Minister: Vacant

Ministry of Economic Development:

Ministry of Military Operations:

Historical Information
Place of
Founder Falnor Urthadar
Founded Year 9
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
"The Hall of Ministers is called to order whenever and wherever all Ministers meet as a college to confer with one another. The primary responsibility of the Hall of Ministers is to advise the Tresarian Sovereign on all matters of concern to the Kingdom. The presiding officer shall be a Minister designated as the Premier."
— Tresario Star Kingdom Constitution, Article II, Section 3

The Hall of Ministers (also the Hall and abbreviated HoM) is the advisory group to the King. It is comprised of representatives, called ministers or deputy ministers, from each of the Kingdom's various ministries. Ministers receive sets of goals or objectives from the King and then organize their subordinates to accomplish these goals. Additionally, the Hall also acts as the judicial body of the Kingdom.

The Hall of Ministers meets in a room known as "The Crucible". This name was selected though Civil Action Item - 005 proposed by Viceroy Landion Domic. The action allowed the Tresarian people to select a name for the previously nameless meeting room used by the Hall of Ministers. Other suggested names which made it to the final vote were: "Tresario Freedom Room" and "The Eureka Suite".



The transition from the Sons and Daughters of Freedom to the Tresario Star Kingdom was tumultuous. The first Tresarian government was a short-lived parliament led by Falnor Urthadar. This parliament was disbanded after several weeks and replaced by the Hall of Ministers. The first members of the Hall of Ministers were Steve Sphinx, Minister of Economic Development; Dek Sulare, Minister of Military Operations; Ara Tigranes, Minister of Governmental Affairs; and Filithell Arborin, Hunt Master. The Hall was designed to be an advisory group to the King, though Falnor rarely sought the advice of his Minister's, admitting at one point that he did not completely trust them. Shortly after the Hall's founding, Falnor signed a treaty with the Falleen Federation to make the Kingdom a protected domain of the Federation. Landion Domic, then Prime Minister of Falleen, became the Viceroy of Tresario and a unofficial member of the Hall of Ministers.

Falleen Aid and Falnor's Exile

After Viceroy Domic became the leader of the Kingdom, the Hall of Ministers became his advisory council and Falnor was allowed to keep his title of King and be involved in Hall of Ministers affairs. However, as time passed, his choice of actions and lack of consideration for the Hall began to hinder the recovery progress of the Kingdom. Eventually, Filithell Arborin discovered that Falnor was shifting key Tresarian assets to the Bounty Hunters Guild, a group Falnor owned. In response to this revelation, Viceroy Domic called a meeting of the Hall of Ministers in which Falnor was stripped of his title as King and exiled from the Kingdom. With this, the ambiguity in the chain of command was removed, and the Viceroy became the undisputed leader of Tresario.

After Falnor

Falnor's exile marked the beginning of a restructuring of the Hall of Ministers.

After leaving Tresario, Falnor took control of the Bounty Hunters Guild, removing Filithell Arborin as its leader. In response, Viceroy Domic offered Arborin the position of second-in-command of the Kingdom and leader of the Hall of Ministers. Arborin accepted, and when given the privilege of choosing the title for his new office, he decided on the name Premier. The establishment of Premier Arborin was not the only change to the Hall of Ministers. Two additional members, Galen Wise and Tiana Orchid, were also inducted to the Hall. Galen Wise, a former Falleen Federation member, became the first Deputy Minister of Economic Development. Shortly after Wise's appointment, Tianna Orchid, from the group COSA, was chosen as Deputy Minister of Governmental Affairs. Orchid served as Deputy Minister only briefly; she was quickly promoted to Minister when Minister Ara Tigranes retired.

Several months later, the organization COSA left the Kingdom, and the position of Minister of Governmental Affairs was once again left vacant. At this time, Jude Vatz was selected by the Hall of Ministers to replace Orchid as Minister of Governmental Affairs. A few months later, Premier Filithell retired, citing time constraints in his life that prevented him from adequately fulfilling his duties, and in a unanimous decision, the Hall of Ministers voted to appoint Jude Vatz as his replacement. Additionally, the Hall of Ministers decided to eliminate the position of Minister of Governmental Affairs by folding its duties into the Office of the Premier. Arborin remained a member of the Hall and took up the position of Deputy Minister of Military Operations. A month after Vatz's appointment as Premier, Viceroy Domic and Deputy Minister of Economic Development Galen Wise also announced intentions to retire from their positions. Subsequently, Jude Vatz was selected to replace Landion Domic as Viceroy, Steve Sphinx (then Minister of Economic Development) was selected to replace Jude Vatz as Premier, and Ruru Emily and Tal Collan were selected as Deputy Ministers of Economic Development. The position of Minister of Economic Development was left vacant to be filled at a later date.

Several months later, Minister of Military Operations Dek Sulare announced his intention to retire. Sulare was replaced by Deputy Minister of Military Operations Filithell Arborin, and the position of Deputy Minister was filled by Jared Waymen, a long time Tresarian citizen. Shortly after Sulare's retirement, Landion Domic returned to Tresario for a short time before again retiring. Domics return might be written off as insignificant were it not for the fact that during this time he was appointed as the first Minister of State. When Domic again retired, the position of Minister of State was passed to Hawwi Joshe, a former Krath Dynasty member, Galactic Alliance General Secretary, and Jedi Master. Also during this time, the Ministry of Economic Development experienced rapid growth, prompting the appointment of Billys Bob, a long time Tresarian citizen and member of the Department of Production, as Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

Secession from the Falleen Federation

Diplomatic relations between Tresario and the Falleen Federation deteriorated during the time period following Falnor's exile. This finally culminated in a meeting called by Premier Sphinx in which the Hall of Ministers voted on whether or not to remain a protected domain. After a unanimous vote in favor of secession, Tresario declared its independence, selecting Jude Vatz as King a few months later.

Post Secession

Soon after the secession, it was decided that Minister of State Hawwi Joshe needed help with his duties as he was also serving as a lead member of the Jedi Council. To this end, John Green was chosen to serve as Deputy Minister of State. Eventually, Joshe was forced to retire do to time constraints and the office of the Minister of State was combined once again with the Office of the Premier.

Throughout these early months after Tresario declared its independence, the Falleen Federation experienced rapidly growing unrest. Eventually, conditions within the Falleen Federation deteriorated to the point that the majority of its Department of Construction, the entirety of the Federation Army, and several additional citizens from other departments all left the Federation, many of them choosing to join Tresario. Since so many of these new Tresarian citizens had been former members of the Falleen Federation Army, this greatly increased Tresario's military force. In order to organize and coordinate this influx of new members, the Department of the Army was formed and the position of Deputy Minister of Military Operations was divided into two roles: Fleet Admiral and Field Marshall. The first appointees to these positions were former Deputy Minister Jarad Waymen as Fleet Admiral, and former Federation Army leader Xias as Field Marshall. Shortly thereafter, Xias was promoted to Minister of Military Operations after time constraints forced Minister Filithel Arborin to retire, and the position of Field Marshall was left vacant for several months before being filled by Alto Rexar, a former Federation Army offical.

Less than two months after Rexar's promotion, Zeff Traner, former Chief of State in the New Republic, returned to the Kingdom after an undercover operation. Traner was appointed Deputy Minister of State by King Vatz, taking the place of John Green who was promoted to the position of Minister of State. While Green would continue to run the University of Tresario, Traner would serve as the Tresario's ambassador—aiding the Kingdom by using his extensive contact network throughout many governments.

A New Era

As Tresario passed the one year anniversary of its independence, Tresarian leaders felt frustrated by the corruption and disunity of the Galactic Alliance. Previously, Tresario had been granted Alliance membership through the Falleen Federation, but this membership had been revoked when Tresario declared independence. During the period of over a year while Tresario waited to be readmitted, the Alliance committed many questionable acts, including the induction of a former Sith criminal into the ranks of Alliance high command. Taking this into consideration, the Hall of Ministers voted to break all political ties with the Galactic Alliance and begin pursuing stronger relationships with the Imperial Union.

Several months after the change in policy, Jared Waymen announced he would be stepping down as Fleet Admiral for personal reasons, transferring to the Ministry of State as an adjutant. Deputy Minister of State Zeff Traner was transferred to the Ministry of Military Operations to replace him, leaving the position of Deputy Minister of State vacant.

Famous Halls

The Hall that exiled Falnor Urthadar from Tresario: Landion Domic as Viceroy (Voting Member of the Hall, but not Official)

The Hall that voted to secede from the Falleen Federation: Jude Vatz as Viceroy (Voting Member of the Hall, but not Official)


Current Members

King of Tresario
His Majesty, King Ridley Forge S.S. M.F.
His Excellency, Lord Wedge Cornely P.S. G.F.
Ministry of Economic Development Ministry of State Ministry of Military Operations
HOM-Michael MaCleod.png
Minister of Economic Development
Lord Michael MaCleod C.S. B.F.
Minister of State
Position Vacant
Minister of Military Operations
Lord Xias P.S. B.F.
HOM-Zero Turner.png
Deputy Minister
Sir Zero Turner C.F.
Deputy Minister
Sir Prard`arck`Inrokini B.F.
Deputy Minister
Position Vacant
HOM-Okrim Rimdor.png
Deputy Minister
Sir Okrim Rimdor C.F.
Fleet Admiral
Position Vacant
Field Marshal
Sir Shawn Veldn B.F.

Past Members