Alto Rexar

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Alto Rexar
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Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan
Homeworld Trandosha
Clan Blackscale
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Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.03 meters
Weight 107 kilograms
Skin Color Sandy brown
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Eye Color Orange
Tresarian Service
Ministry Hall of Ministers
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Title His Majesty, King
Rank King
Positions Sovereign of Tresario
Prior Service Ministry of Military Operations
  • Minister of Military Operations
  • Field Marshall

Office of the Premier

  • Premier

His Majesty, King Alto Rexar S.S. M.F. is the King of Tresario Star Kingdom until his abdication in Year 20 Day 275. He ascended the throne on the death of his predecessor, King Jude Vatz, on Year 19 Day 47. He was the Tresarian Army Field Marshall and later Minister of Military Operations. He was then appointed as the Premier of the Tresario Star Kingdom following the resignation of Premier Zeff Traner. He was named the new King of Tresario and was crowned on Year 19 Day 265 by Tikiar Order Grand Master Gravnkev Forestwanderer.


"It wasn't the money, the medals or the titles that motivated me, it was the people of Tresario, this great community that we live in each and every day."
-Excerpt from “Fight On: Alto Rexar’s Battle for Freedom”

Born to a prominent family of slavers, Alto grew up learning to fight and kill from a young age. When he was old enough to begin the trade himself, he found himself disillusioned by the industry. While he enjoyed the work, there was so much corruption that was encouraged by the New Republic, who governed the planet. With little money to be made outside of the elite, Rexar decided to abandon his work for new opportunities. He left Trandosha and sought out work, finding himself in the territory of the Falleen Federation. After seeing recruitment information, he felt as though he may have found a place beyond the corruption he left behind. After training, he was placed in the Falleen Federation, which he found to be to his liking, with freedom of citizens being a priority over special interests.

He continued to serve in the Army for several years, obtaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. It was around this time that the Tresario Star Kingdom declared their independence from the Federation, shaking it to its core. Shortly after this, Federation leadership began restructuring the Army. These changes reflect a shift in leadership to restrict the freedom of citizens that dissented from the views of leadership. This shift reminded Alto of his home world, and so feeling abandoned by the place he called home, Alto joined a growing number of Federation citizens that defected from the Falleen Federation to join the Tresario Star Kingdom.

After joining the Kingdom, Alto was promoted to the rank of Colonel and was approached by Kingdom leadership to take a more active role in the army. Alto, impressed with the atmosphere and policies of the Kingdom, was quick to agree, and he was assigned as the Division CO of the Tresarian Army. While in this role, Alto quickly proved his ability to lead and command loyalty of those under his command. On Day 225 of Year 12, he was promoted to Lieutenant General, and granted command of the Tresarian Army. Months later, Minister of Military Operations Filithell Arborin retired, resulting in a shakeup in military leadership. With Field Marshal Xias being promoted to the position of Minister, Alto was offered and accepted the position of Field Marshal, and was eventually promoted to Minister himself.

In Year 15, Rexar was approached with a new opportunity to serve his Kingdom. He was offered the position of Premier of Tresario, as the current Premier Zeff Traner was officially retiring after a leave of absence. Wishing to do all that he could to improve the lives of his fellow citizens, he accepted the position, and was inducted in to the Sentinels of Tresario as a Protector.


Positions Held
Preceded by
Steve Sphinx
General of the Order of Tresarian Freedom
Year 15 — Year 19 Day 74
Succeeded by
Xyler Zero
Preceded by
Zeff Traner
Premier of Tresario Star Kingdom
Year 15 — Year 19 Day 74
Succeeded by
Xyler Zero
Preceded by
Jude Vatz
King of Tresario Star Kingdom
Year 19 Day 47 — Year 20 Day 275
Succeeded by
Fooj Iwajo