Filithell Arborin

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Lord Filithell Arborin P.S. G.F.
Biographical Information
Race Sakiyan
Homeworld Sakiya
Mother Kasrak Arborin
Father Fiyaskan Arborin (Missing)
Marital Status Single
Spouse Bleyz Arborin (Lovely)
Kata Arborin (Lovely)
Skella Arborin (Lovely)
Borina Arborin (Lovely)
Siblings None Known
Children None
Born Unknown
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Physical Description
Gender Male
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Hair Color
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Tresarian Service
Ministry Hall of Ministers
Department N/A, Retired
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Rank N/A, Retired
Positions N/A, Retired
Prior Service House Zhug
Sons and Daughters of Freedom
Bounty Hunters Guild (Hunt Master)
Tresario Star Kingdom
  • (Director of the TBI
  • Minister
  • Deputy Minister
  • Premier
  • Lord Admiral)

Lord Filithell Arborin P.S. G.F. (also known as Fili or Hunter of Hunters) is a founding citizen of the Tresario Star Kingdom and founder of Filithell's Premium Paint and Design.



Honor. Glory. Discipline. Commitment.

These are the hallmarks of Sakiyan society. These are the pillars on which Filithell the Hunter has built his very life. Seeking to restore his yithrael (clan-honor), he left his homeworld of Sakiya despite most others of his race being reluctant to venture forth into the galaxy. Very quickly he found that his natural propensity for the hunt ingratiated him to the Bounty Hunters Guild, and his mighty prowess earned respect from his colleagues. From lone bounty hunter to an army Lieutenant. From Lieutenant to a Lord Admiral of the Royal Navy. From Lord Admiral to Hunter Master of the entire Bounty Hunters Guild. With rapid succession he climbed, ever seeking greater glory…and greater honor.

But governments grow, politics transform, and motivations sometimes change course. Filithell found that the monthrael (personal-glory) he would attain as a bounty hunter was nothing compared to that which was attainable within a more established community. The Sakiyan set his sights on helping to create a great nation out of the dregs of what was left of his former bounty hunting regime. Along with the finest of compatriots, Filithell bolstered the rebirth of the Tresario Star Kingdom, serving as its Premier for over a year and a half. The government rose from a tattered entity, withered with neglect and mismanagement, to one of the grand powers in the galaxy. Alliances were formed. Treaties were reached. And honor was served.

Circumstance then mandated that Filithell accept another change of course. The Sakiyan’s band of bodyguards, his lovely huntresses, had been too lonely for too long, and they were thirsty for more active service alongside their master. Thus, time no longer permitted the same level of focus necessary to lead a government, and he stepped aside for others to take his place. With an air of satisfaction, the Sakiyan hunter returned to his roots and accepted the position of Deputy Minister of Military Operations. His green and gold uniform blazing once again for all to see. It was good to be back in the hunt once more.

Following the retirement of the Minister of Military Operations, Filithell took up the mantle and became the next Minister, looking forward to all the challenges that may come with the position.

Family History

In the dense jungles of Sakiya, deep in the Sarivinian Valley Rang, past the Kuden Plain, there are a group of Sakiyans who claim the name Arborin as their own. The Sakiyans must rely on all their sense and natural instincts, along with keen minds, to survive the hostile environment that rivals even Felucia. The Arborin family is no exception to this. Filithell Arborin's mother, Kasrak Arborin, was a learned tracker, capable of tracking the smallest of creatures under the worst conditions, which are very commonplace on Sakiya. His father, Fiyaskan Arborin, was a legendary hunter among the Sakiyan people before he was branded a traitor. It was rumored that Fiyaskan allowed a kinsmen to be captured by an off world bounty hunter. To do so is a terrible crime within Sakiyan society, putting a black mark not only on himself but on his whole family, including Filithell. Soon after this, he disappeared from Sakiya, shortly before Filithell was born. It is unknown why he left, whether it was his attempt to redeem himself, prove his innocents, or leave in shame, unable to face what he had done. Fiyaskan has not been seen since his disappearance.

Early Life

Filithell grew up with the mark of being the son of a traitor, despite the fact that many were doubtful of the charges that were laid against Fiyaskan. During the time of his youth, this status made him the subject of the torment of peers, being called names such as, “gakata-fodder” and “kin-killer". It was also to his disadvantage that his skin was much lighter and paler than that of the standard Sakiyan. Reds, blues, and particularly onyx’s were standard skin tones for a Sakiyan, inspiring respect from peers and confusing prey by allowing them hide more easily in the shadows of the jungles on Sakiya. Filithell's lighter skin was seen as a weakness that further compounded the loss of yithrael, or clan-honor.

Rather than focus on the torment from his age-mates, he rose above it and thrived on it. While other young Sakiyans created reputations for themselves by conducting daring raids and bold charges, Filithell spent his adolescence perfecting the arts of patience, cunning, dexterity, stealth, and subterfuge. Through honing his skill, he became the most prized, and glorified, of his fellow young hunters in private opinion. In public, he was still the son of a traitor that had a long way to go before he recovered his yithrael. In order to recover it, he decided that he would have to go off-world so that he could find opportunities for glory that would allow him to return to Sakiya as a legend and unquestionably a great warrior with full clan-honor.

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Positions Held
Preceded by
Falnor Urthdar
Lord Admiral of the Fleet
Year 9 Day 280 - Year 9 Day 306
Succeeded by
Derikk Almoneth as Navy CO
Preceded by
Altarus Corvor
Hunt Master
Year 9 Day 306 - Year 9 Day 336
Succeeded by
Falnor Urthadar
Preceded by
Position Created
Premier of the Tresario Star Kingdom
Year 9 Day 336 - Year 11 Day 29
Succeeded by
Jude Vatz
Preceded by
Position Created
Deputy Minister of Military Operations
Year 11 Day 29 Day - Year 11 Day 213
Succeeded by
Jared Waymen
Preceded by
Dek Sulare
Minister of Military Operations
Year 11 Day 213 - Year 12 Day 257
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Position Created
Director of TBI
Year 12 Day 272 - Unknown
Succeeded by