Cerberus Corporation

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Cerberus Corporation
General Information
Status Active
Industry Production, Droids
Leader Jimmy Roggeman
Taarn Star
Owner Tresario Star Kingdom
Holosite Cerberus Corporation
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Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 209

Cerberus Corporation is one of the oldest droid manufacturing companies. Formerly a nationalized corporation of the Anzatan Commonwealth, Cerberus Corporation became the droid manufacturer of the Tresario Star Kingdom in Year 15 when the Commonwealth joined Tresario. Cerberus Corporation is the only droid manufacturer outside the Trade Federation to produce Battle Droids and is able to offer both military and civil droids to Tresarian citizens.

Currently, Cerberus Corporation holds the blueprints for the R3 Series, FA-4 Pilot, RA-7 and the GNK Power Droid. It mainly operates out of the Abhean System in the Maldrood sector, but its facilities are spread out across Tresarian Space.


Although officially created on Day 67 of Year 6 it was always claimed by the founding members of Cerberus Corporation that the group was founded on Day 66 of the same year. Created by the wookiee Thorr the group had a less than perfect reputation as it was accused of being a home of thieves masquerading as a reputable business. Eventually Thorr wished to move on and Cerberus Corporation became the property of Han Hunter and Jesfa Ackmin. Han using his winnings of the Galactic Lottery invested into Cerberus and Jesfa likewise to gain ownership. When Auron Tamerin heard of the acquisition he contacted Jesfa who was a former employee of Auron Tamerin. Auron discussed with Jesfa a proposal that would see Cerberus Corporation become part of the newly founded Galactic Services Corporation at that time a government contracted mercenary company and the forerunner to the Tamerin Foundation.

Jesfa and Han agreed and transferred controlling shares to Auron. Han Hunter took his position on Auron's Board of Directors whilst Jesfa left with some of the assets within Cerberus to look into other ventures. However the company stilled housed the former employees of Thorr and Auron, using his mercenary company captured and executed the majority of thieves.

Cerberus grew over the following year as Auron Tamerin took up his role as President of the Kathol Republic. It received financial support from the Kathol Republic and considered one of the Republic's prime companies. During that time a proposition was put to Auron Tamerin about the formation of a Droid Council from the leaders of Cybot Galactica and Dorinian Military Corps which would set in place a cartel to regulate all the prices of droids and remove any form of competition. Jaxom Sky who was a good friend of President Tamerin tried to persuade him to agree whilst Dorinian Military Corps allegedly threatened that if Auron didn't agree the Droid Council would crush Cerberus' business. After consultation with his advisers Auron refused to participate in the Droid Council, citing that it wasn't good for business. Eventually the Droid Council collapsed making Cerberus stronger in its business dealings with the rest of the galaxy.

In Year 8, Han Hunter accepted the role of President of the Kathol Republic when Auron Tamerin retired as Head of State. The company was then left in the leadership of Arkhaios Plaga. Early into Han's Presidency however conflict arose within the Kathol Republic between Auron and the House of Representatives and Han and the Senate. Opting to leave the Kathol Republic after bitter arguments broke out, Auron took with him Cerberus Corporation, Outback Industries and Kathol Mining Corporation and the Tamerin Foundation. Violence ensued shortly afterwards between the two groups resulting in casualties on both sides of what was later coined by the Tamerin Foundation as the Kathol Civil War.

Arkhaios eventually moved on and Javon Calton and Jevon Lambright became the new leaders of Cerberus until they then robbed assets out of the Cerberus Corporation over pay disputes. Auron then appointed Marqus Star, a good friend and leader of CerbSec into the role as CEO of Cerberus Corporation. Marqus and Auron then set about to rebuild the company with new assets with the help of Kathol Mining Corporation who had struck a lucrative deal with TransGalMeg Industries. When Auron died, he left Cerberus Corporation to the Anzatan Commonwealth together with the rest of the Tamerin Foundation. President Marqus Star found himself incapable to lead Cerberus for extended periods of time, and so passed the duty to his Right-hand man, Jango Talon (formerly Jango Piett). Under his authority, President Talon made it his goal to push Cerberus and its employees to the peak of its capable performance.

At the End of Year 9, The Anzatan Bureau of Commerce, with direction from the Sovereign, conducted a routine inspection of Cerberus Corporation. The Bureau found that President Talon had been poorly managing the company and allowing the factories to be ignored while he pursued personal ventures. Newly Instated Commerce Director, Falnor Urthadar, took over as Interim President in order to bring the factories back online and accept orders once more.

In Year 12, an unexplained leave of leader Zero Turner lead to the instatement of Coled Nemad, Minister of Commerce, as interim president. On Day 301 he way joined by Qatar Shendo as Assistant Manager who together worked hard on making Cerberus the famous and productive Company it had been before.

Coled Nemad, following the call of the Privy Council, left Cerberus to go back to his duties as minister, leaving the company to young Qatar Shendo on Day 301. Called too young by many for the job, the young Siniteen was eager to lead the company and managed Cerberus Corporation for 258 days.

On Year 13, Day 194, HRH Drael Traner was appointed as the new President of the company, due to Qatar Shendo's leave of Absence to pursue his scientific career, and Clavayne Radulfr served as her right hand in the Vice Presidency. Together they reorganized Cerberus and made it one of the finest

Day 265 in Year 13 brought Cerberus Corporation one of it's earlier presidents back: Qatar Shendo, who had returned from his leave. Focussing on keeping the efficent machine that Cerberus had become under Drael's lead running, he is serving the Commonwealth in trying to keep Cerberus running smoothly.

Former Leaders


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