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The Tresario Archives Staff are those who contribute to the Archive and have earned a position as a staff member for their work. There are various roles within the staff, from the head archivist to volunteers.

Head Archivist(s)

The Head Archivist(s) is in charge of maintaining the Archive, watching over changes made by volunteers. They assure that order is kept, as well as continuity in style and content.

Archive Administrators

Archive Administrators are charged with aiding the Head Archivist in his duties, and also are able to add new people to the list of volunteers as needed. In the case that the Head Archivist is missing, they are able to act in his place.


Archivists are those who have contributed significantly to the Archive. The title is given as a means to recognized those people for their hard work.

Archive Artists

A archive artist helps create images for the Archives.

None at the moment

Volunteer Archivists

Volunteer Archivists are those who have been approved for an account within the Archive computers.