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This protocol must be followed by every Tresario Archives members. If you wish to contribute and make articles or edit them, you will have to follow these rules. Any person who violates the rules, will be warned. If you violate the rules after the warning, this will lead you to a period of time ban or even a perma-ban. Read this protocol wisely.

Tresario Archives Staff

The Tresario Archives Staff is the Administrator group for Tresario Archives, following their guidelines and rules is mandatory.

  1. Tresario Archives Staff may create and edit any part of the Tresario Archives including articles, talk pages, categories and so on.
  2. Tresario Archives Staff may protect, move or delete articles to prevent vandalism or editing.
  3. Tresario Archives Staff decisions are final and indisputable.

Editing Protocols

  1. You are allowed to create a page for your character. If you would like to create more pages related to your character, ask for approval from Archives Staff before you do.
  2. Members have absolute responsibility for their own character page, you may not edit other members character page without their permission. However, members are encouraged to edit minor mistakes such as fixing spelling and grammar.
  3. If you want to make a drastic edit to an existing page, please write in the discussion area what and why you want to make such an edit.
  4. Before submit new or edited article, always use Preview Button first. Repeating save a page over and over might result your account in warning or temporary ban.
  5. Everything written here is in character and focused on Star Wars Combine universe only, articles which relate to Real Life events or other universes are not allowed.
  6. No vandalism will be tolerated, and its strictly prohibited. Doing so may result your account to perma-ban.
  7. Vandalism include: spams, commercials, erasing a contents, sexual contents, insults and so on.
  8. You are not allowed to recreate a deleted page, if you accidentally deleted a page, contact Archives Staff immediately.
  9. No articles allowed to insult another members, organizations or factions. Everything must be written in neutral point of view.
  10. DO NOT mention about current missions or operations, classified information is not allowed with exception divisional COs and High Command. Failed to comply, may result your account in permanent ban and possible charge of treason by Tresario Bureau of Intelligence. Classified information will be deleted without notification.


To make your own biography article, simply search your name and click the red link to create a page. Biographies may be filled in as the creator pleases, but there is a minimum requirement for all biographies.


Each biography must contain a filled in infobox about the character it describes. These can be found in the User templates category. The choice of color is not free. It must reflect the current (full time) department of the character. If a Tresarian has served in multiple departments during his career, the last departments they served in must be used.

  • Non-Tresarian (Generic) Persons: Infobox Character
  • Ministry of Military Operations Personnel: CharacterBoxMMO
  • Ministry of State Personnel: CharacterBoxMOS
  • Ministry of Economic Development Personnel: CharacterBoxMED
  • Members of Hall of Ministers: CharacterBoxHOM
  • Tresario University Cadets: CharacterBoxTU


If you want to add ribbons or awards, please see this page first before you upload ribbons that might be already uploaded. Please do not reupload or upload new awards that already uploaded without Tresario Archive Staff permission. Only add Tresarian Awards in your infobox.

Content of Pages

  1. Obscene content, offensive material, ridiculous or unneeded information and everything under the PG-13 rules will be removed from articles and talk pages without notice. This is strictly prohibited. Those who include such information will be punished and banned.
  2. Some information about you or your character may be classified. Such as your Unit information or which branch you belong to. Unless given permission, this information should be removed from your page. Other things such as past service positions and awards are allowed.


  1. Offensive or copyrighted images is not allowed

The Above rules will be enforced on all users and articles, be aware.
To contact Archives Staff, either DM Takar Resk or Clive Redrum or you can go to the Archives IRC Channel, #tsk-archives.