Bounty Hunters Guild

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Bounty Hunters Guild
General Information
Status Active
Leader Ermine Nozual
2IC Blu Ona Serth
Industry Bounty Hunters
Holosite Bounty Hunters Guild
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 123
Political Information

Nobody ever goes in, and nobody ever comes out. Bounty Hunters Guild use to accept any ragged rogue that could hold a gun. However, due to recent security breeches, membership is now restricted to those who can pass a rigorous interrogation and prove their abilities to the ridiculously high standards of the Guild Master. The location of the Guild is a well-kept secret, closely guarded as its members long for secrecy, anonymity and sanctuary.

Bounty Hunters Guild is not for the ambitious, greedy, reckless or impatient. All members are required to stay undercover, keeping their identity and associations secret from anyone but their leaders. They shall not advertise or announce themselves as bounty hunters nor members of the Guild, as it defeats the purpose of being stealthy. The inexperienced shall be trained via assignments and must be self-directed to read the guides, learn through experience and have much patience. Bounty hunting is not for those who are new to the ways of the galaxy or looking for fame and fortune. The hunter waits patiently for its prey. The hunter knows the dangers that lurk behind every closed door, the deceptions that lie behind every friendly face and the evils that hide behind every good intention.

Applicants shall contact the current leader via darkness message or join request to set up an interview. For anyone already on a planet, they shall have to arrange transport once accepted. Anyone starting new should wait for acceptance before choosing a location, so that Headquarters can be chosen.