Michael MaCleod

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Michael MaCleod
New-Michael MaCleod.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unknown (Deceased)
Father Unknown (Deceased)
Marital Status
Physical Description
Gender Male
Skin Color
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color {{{eyes color}}}
Tresarian Service
Ministry Hall of Ministers
Department Department of Construction
Title Lord
Rank Minister
Prior Service

Lord Michael MaCleod P.S. B.F. is Minister of Economic Development and a member of the Hall of Ministers in the Tresario Star Kingdom. He is the leader of Tresarian Department of Construction. He was inducted into the Sentinels of Tresario as Protector and into the Order of Tresarian Freedom as Brigadier.


Early Life

When he was just a child, Michael’s family home was destroyed by bandits. While Michael survived, his parents were both killed, leaving him alone to fend for himself. He spent his time wandering around Tattooine, learning odd jobs around the planet. He eventually got hired for short term work on a variety of ships, traveling the stars. One day, while looking for jobs in the classifieds, a particular add caught his attention. It was a piloting job offered by the Falleen Federation. Trusting his gut that had yet to steering him wrong, he applied and was accepted.

Falleen Federation

After he arrived in Federation space, Michael was transported to the Dante Military Academy space station to begin his training. While his previous experience had made him a skilled pilot, it was his training at the academy that taught him what it meant to be a part of something larger than yourself. He graduated at the top of his class soon after arriving, obtaining the rank of Petty Officer. Despite his short time as a citizen, Michael became a patriot and strong supporter of the Federation.

Rising through the ranks, it was on Day 73 of Year 7 that he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. This required the swearing of an oath to serve the Federation and King Bisz Aldaris, which he took very seriously. His patriotism intense, on Day 161 of the same year, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and knighted by King Aldaris in recondition of his service. Soon the rank of Lieutenant Commander was retired and he was made a full Commander.

MaCleod continued his service, seeing his role in leadership expanded significantly. On Day 228 he was promoted to Captain, while also being accepted as an instructor at Dante Military Academy. MaCleod also began his service as the XO of the Rukhar Defense Fleet, who at the time were responsible for planetary development. It was decided by the leadership of the Federation to disband the RDF and open a new ministry to take over its former duties. This occurred on Day 272 of Year 7, establishing the Ministry of Engineering. To lead this new ministry, Michael was offered and accepted the position of Minister. Continuing his strong service, on Day 34 of Year 8, he was elevated to the rank of Peer in the Order of the Noblest Rukhar. However, all was not well for MaCleod. It was around this time that Michael began to feel ill. Fearing that he could not fulfill his duty, after much internal debate he resigned from his position on Day 130 of Year 8. He left Federation space, and sought treatment for his illness.

On Day 126 of Year 10, Michael MaCleod returned from his sabbatical and began active duty, with the rank of Rear Admiral. On day 221, he became the new Secretary of Construction, returning to leadership roles within the Federation. Soon after on Day 294, he was promoted to Deputy Minister of Engineering. In recondition of his extreme loyalty and service to the Federation, it was on Day 350 that he was made a Companion of the Legion of Honour, gaining the title of Lord. A few weeks later, he was promoted to Minister once again of the ministry he started. It was during this time that the largely popular Colonial Shockball League was established, with many governments sponsoring their own teams. Michael decided to join the League and hoped to join the Federation team. The team was full however, and he was given an offer to join the team sponsored by the Tresario Star Kingdom, which was part of the Federation at that time. Playing as an averagely skilled wing with the Tresarians, he began to build strong relationships with the Kingdom and its citizens.

However, once again, strife began to rise in the Federation. King Aldaris returned to actively rule and manage the Federation after a long period of hands off rule. With this, came many questionable decisions, and saw the King lash out against members of his Camber of Ministers who did not agree with him. This led to the Tresario Star Kingdom declaring independence from the Federation. This led to a strong conflict within Michael. He had sworn and oath to serve the Federation and the King, but increasingly felt that he could not do both. He became an outspoken voice in support of the Tresarians within Federation leadership. He also kept in contact with the Kingdom and informed them of the worsening conditions in the Federation. Michael and several other key leaders decided that their oaths to Federation and King were incompatible and therefore intended to leave, most to join the Tresario Star Kingdom. It was shortly before this however that the King’s actions effected more of the Federation. In protest to Federation policies, a popular army officer committed suicide. While a controversial act, the King made his negative opinions of this officer very clear in a public way. This angered a large part of the military, and on Day 133 of Year 12 there was a large defection of members from the Federation. Most of these people who left, including MaCleod choose to make their new home at the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Upon his arrival to the Kingdom, MaCleod and his fellow former Federation citizens were welcomed with open arms. MaCleod became an Admiral in the Ministry of Economic Development and was three days later made the CO of the Department of Construction.

To honor his courage and service to the Kingdom, on Day 37 of Year 13, Michael MaCleod was knighted and inducted into the Order of Tresarian Freedom, obtaining the rank of Colonel. On Day 144 of Year 14, he was promoted into Tresarian leadership as a Deputy Minister in his ministry. During this time he lead many successful operations that greatly benefited the Kingdom. It was on Day 13 of Year 15 that he was made the Minister of Economic Development. On Day 285 of Year 16, the service of MaCleod was honored by inducting him into the Sentinels of Tresario as a Protector, making him one of few to become a Tresarian Lord.


Falleen Federation

Graduation.png Academy Graduation Ribbon

6monthmember.png Falleen Federation Six Month Service Ribbon

File:1yearmember.png Falleen Federation One Year Service Ribbon

File:2yearmember.png Falleen Federation Two Year Service Ribbon

File:Courtsmall.png Falleen Federation Royal Court Service Ribbon

Defence.png Falleen Federation Ministry of Defense Service Ribbon

Engineering.png Falleen Federation Ministry of Engineering Service Ribbon

File:Omtpbsmall.png Ord Mantell Build Project

File:Tarrelutpbsmall.png Tarrelu Build Project

File:Iktotch.png Iktotch Build Project

Tresario Star Kingdom

Small-UOTG.png University Graduation Ribbon

Small-MEDR.png Tresario Star Kingdom Ministry of Economic Development Service Ribbon

Physical Appearance

Michael MaCleod is a 26 year old human that usually sports a beard. Known to wear a set of modified and questionably obtained TIE Pilot gear, with the Imperial emblems replaced with the emblem of the Tresario Star Kingdom.


Generally a pleasant individual, he becomes significantly less pleasant when dealing with liars, idiots, and traitors. Does not take insults well. One of his pet peeves is having to constantly repeat himself.

Sports career

Colonial Shockball League

Michael registered for Shockball and began training while remaining team-less after hearing the Falleen Federation's team may be in need of players, though eventually he'd end up joining Tresario Star Kingdom's shockball team instead.

Ku`Bakai Clones

Though waiting in case the Falleen Federals' needed an extra player, it was the Ku`Bakai Clones that wound up needing an player, so Michael joined to help them. Both teams have a mix of players from both Governments, so this was unusual.

Season 3

Michael had an average performance playing as a Wing.