Azarin Isard

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Azarin Isard
Biographical Information
Race Anzati (formerly Wookiee)
Homeworld Kashyyyk
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Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
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Spouse Jacky Faber
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Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Y-12 D318
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Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.04 Meters
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Tresarian Service
Ministry Hall of Ministers
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Prior Service Anzatan Commonwealth Chancellor

New Republic Senator

Talost Nightwatch Leader

Shadowbane Syndicate Leader

Rebel Alliance Miner

Azarin Isard was a very young Wookiee of unknown origin whose career has spanned several organizations. Like all Wookiees he is unable to speak Basic, and so to interact with the wider galaxy he is escorted by a modified BD-3000 protocol droid named "Tink". The modification created by Azarin was to give Tink a secondary voice distinct from her own, to make it clear when she was translating. This other voice is Azarin's best attempt to make a clear voice which is easy to understand, yet still sounds largely similar to how a Wookiee would sound if their vocal cords allowed them to pronounce basic.

During the Metamorphosis Plague caused by the Derra Virus, Azarin Isard became an Anzati. Some theorise this change was caused by his proximity to Anzati on a daily basis by this has not been confirmed. His hair continued to be bright reddy brown, like his fur was and he continued to have issues with his right eye which led to him opting to wear a monocle. He also underwent a successful cybernetic operation which replaced his arms with enhanced cyborg alternatives.


Little is known about Azarin's early life. He was found at the age of 18 on Kashyyyk by Sheng-ji Yang. After a short time with Cloud City and Blue Sabre Transport, the Galactic Empire committed genocide of Wookiees on Kashyyyk. Oilios Katastrefor convinced him to defect to the Rebel Alliance in order to work for Republic Mining Corporation.

During his time as a Rebel he worked along side others including Jake Azzameen, Alph Virphen, Mandor Bg, Nim Orlan, and Kit Lorcan. These connections lead to a promotion to the leadership of a small information network known as the Shadowbane Syndicate. He was also a civilian assistant on operations Forging Freedom and Stratacator working to held successfully liberate numerous planets from The 12 Colonies, including his home planet of Kashyyyk.

When the Rebel Alliance merged with SoroSuub Corporation to make the New Republic, Azarin took a stand against what he claimed was the selling out of Rebel ideals for profit. Most notably, he resisted against dealing with high profile thief Adam A Flynn's attempt to sell the Black Sun trading company to notorious thief Teniel Djo. This would scupper the Senate's plans to legitimize Black Sun, removing it's criminal heritage and reform it into a company known as "Republic Trading". Alongside others mostly veterans from the Rebel Alliance, they resisted the changes, but the cost was high. Ingo R. Vailis and Adam A Flynn lead what was to be later known as "The Coup", where they stole much restricted technology, killed many including Nim Orlan, and ultimately took Black Sun, choosing to return to its criminal roots.

As a result of one assignment performed for High Ambassador Jake Azzameen he was awarded the Leadership Award for "dedication and contribution to the advancement of the New Republic".

Kit Lorcan proposed an opportunity to lead a fledgling Mercenary outfit for Almar Zamasee, and together they formed the Talost Nightwatch. They immediately became a Private Sector Affiliate of the New Republic.

Around this time he was also unanimously elected to be Governor of the Kashyyyk system, where he increased security and improved the previously war torn and oppressed economies of all planets under his guidance.

These events all sought to increase Azarin's popularity with the general populace, most notably among the former Rebels and the younger Republic officers, and he was elected to the New Republic Senate's fifth session by the second largest number of votes received by any candidate up until that point.

The Talost Nightwatch was involved in numerous operations with various Galactic Alliance governments, and at one point or another during his time he held security authorisation for the New Republic, Falleen Federation, Tresario Star Kingdom, The Antarian Rangers, the Corporate Sector Authority, and the Anzatan Commonwealth. He was known to boast that no other held such wide authority, and claimed it was due to his tight control of operations. The Nightwatch were often fighting alongside allies, without payment. One notable example was to help the Corporate Sector Authority successfully defend territory against Black Sun, where he himself came within minutes of apprehending Magnus Plaga, who taunted him over his close call. This rivalry grew into mutual respect, and even friendship once Magnus later chose to repent his criminal ways and instead oppose the Family who betrayed him.

Azarin Isard personally wrote the death warrant on tyrant Wilhelm von Ismay, wanted by the New Republic, Galactic Alliance, and Jedi Order for various crimes including theft, murder, and war crimes. Although it was unfortunate he could not be captured alive, the removal of such a dangerous criminal was widely appreciated and no charges were filed against Azarin by the New Republic or any Government.

Unfortunately due to personal differences Azarin later resigned from work under Almar Zamasee along with some loyal officers. He made proposals to the New Republic, but they were not willing to offer his relatively unknown officers such lucrative opportunities, requiring them all to start again as New Republic Cadets. Rather than see them demoted, he made arrangements for them to join the Anzatan Commonwealth, where the less bureaucratic structure allowed them to each be offered roles at least as high as their current rank, including directorships of nationalised organisations.

Azarin has worked within all of the Commonwealth's corporations. Although at first refusing promotion over fears people would feel he is "taking over", he eventually agreed to become the Minister of Commerce, and later, Treasurer and Third in Command.


On Year 13 Day 224 Azarin was kidnapped by Cydnee Stultz. Cydnee would then demand a billion credits in ransom. The ransom would be paid in half by Azarin and then in half by Keishi Miahr. Cydnee was able to kidnap him when Azarin boarded a ship she owned. Cyndee sold Azarin to The Veragi Consortium for 2 billion as well.

Anzatan Commonwealth

Shortly after his safe return Queen Keishi Miahr chose to step down as leader and promoted Azarin to the rank of Chancellor and Leader of the Anzatan Commonwealth. Under his leadership the Anzatan Commonwealth had founded Anzatan Medical and purchased the Corellian Merchants Guild and Ord Wurkz merging both items factions under the former. He also oversaw the Anzatan Commonwealth's entry to the Imperial Union and the successful colonization of the planet Boonta II.