Jared Waymen

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Jared Waymen
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
House Waymen
Mother Jade Waymen
Father Bail Waymen
Marital Status Married
Spouse Aanyah Ramone-Waymen
Siblings Janna, Ilo, Marke
Born Year -10 Day 158
Died Year 14 Day 128
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Physical Description
Gender Male
Skin Color {{{skincolor}}}
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Tresarian Service
Ministry Ministry of Military Operations
Department Tresarian Navy
Codename Steadfast
Title Sir
Rank Adjunct
Prior Service Ministry of Military Operation

Ministry of State

Sir Jared Ranou Waymen B.F. (also known as Steadfast or JJ) was a citizen of the Tresario Star Kingdom, a former member of the Hall of Ministers and Duke of House Waymen.


Family History

The Waymens first came to Alderaan with the original colonists that settled on the planet. They became nobility among the new colony, being one of the first 3 Houses established on the planet. The founder of the House of Waymen was Ranou Waymen. Unlike many Houses of Nobility, the Waymen's preferred simple living. Choosing to live with the rest of the population was their way of keeping in touch with the needs and desires of the people they led. Over time, the family branches started splitting further apart and moving across the planet and going into different fields. Jared's family became repair men and farmers, moving to the central part of Alderaan, founding towns like Nc'Taan and other cities in the surrounding area. His great, great, great, grandfather, Kohl Waymen, started a repair shop, Waymen Repairs, which the oldest son in his family line would then take over and run. This would continue for generations, his family staying in the same area for the most part over the years.

Early Life

Born in Year -12 Day 158 in the city of Nc'Taan on Alderaan, Jared is the oldest child of Bail and Jade Waymen. His other sibling's name are, oldest to youngest, Janna, Ilo, and Marke. He was also very close to his cousin John Green. His parents worked a repair shop in the city. From the age of 12 he worked at the shop. While he wasn't a extremely skilled at fixing ships and speeders, he learned how to use computers very well. When he was 16 his middle brother, Ilo, died in a speeder accident that crushed the family. After the accident, John came to help out at the shop, which proved spark a life long interests in ships for the young teen. When they was 18, Jared and Green entered into the University of Alderaan together. After four years at the University of Alderaan, he and John finally graduated. John was accepted for a job at Frost Shipyards, while Jared returned home to manage Waymen Repairs. After a time, he became restless and felt that there was more he needed to do with his life. He left his family, turning ownership of the shop to his sister, breaking a 5 generation long tradition, much to the anger of his father, and headed to the space port. As he was leaving, his brother Marke chased after him and insistent on coming with him. Jared relented, and Marke joined him for his journey. While he was there, he saw an advertisement poster to the Tresario Star Kingdom. He felt drawn to this group some how and applied to join them. That was when his journey really began.

Tresario Star Kingdom

"Jared Waymen, you have continued to impress not only myself but the entire Hall of Ministers. Your loyalty and commitment to Tresario, your Viceroy and your King is unwavierable. No matter the task set before you you complete it quickly and effectively."
— Then Viceroy Jude Vatz before bringing Jared into the Order of Tresarian Freedom.

Beginnings and Ministry of Governmental Affairs

On Year 10 Day 190, Jared entered into the Tresario Star Kingdom Citizens Academy and began training under Cragan Flynn holding the rank of Cadet. While Jared was training, Marke found jobs as pilots and attended the lower education academies in Tresario, waiting until he was old enough to join the academy himself. Jared was eager to learn and become an active member in the Kingdom, working his hardest through his classes. On Year 10 Day 197 he finished his training and was promoted on Year 10 Day 223 to the rank of Petty Officer and was accepted into the Ministry of Governmental Affairs. His first Commanding Officer was to be Tianna Orchid, but she left the Kingdom mere days after Waymen's graduation. Taking her place as Minister of Governmental Affairs was the Falleen Jude Vatz, whom Waymen grew to consider a mentor and friend. Following his graduation, he was sent to the Tresarian Capital Bal`demnic to aid in the end of construction efforts there. During this time he got to know several of the other members on the construction teams, also becoming friends with another rising star in Tresario, Tal Collan. After the Bal`demnic Urbanization project was finished, he assigned to prospect several different planets in Tresarian space due to his computer knowledge. He did this after he was promoted Chief Petty Officer on Year 10 Day 323. During this time Jared Waymen became an instructor at the Tresario Star Kingdom Citizens Academy (now University of Tresario) for a short time, successfully training one student, Billys Bob, and became Chief NPC Logistical Officer. For several months, he worked on the major tax planet project on Colsassa, making sure that builders were in position for the construction personal. He also worked on forging relationships with various citizens of Tresario, especially among the military.

Transfer to Ministry of Military Operations

After 5 months in Tresario, it was decided that the Ministry of Governmental Affairs should be shut down. Being one of the few members of the Ministry, Jared opted to transfer to the Ministry of Military Operations, where he had made many friends, and on Year 10 Day 361 he was promoted to Lieutenant and officially transferred to the Military. While he had never expected to join the military when he first became a citizen of the Kingdom, he quickly enjoyed his work there and getting to know his new comrades further. Shortly after this, his former boss, Jude Vatz, was promoted to the office of Premier, following the retirement of Filithell Arborin who then became Deputy Minister of Military Operations. After almost a month in the military, it was decided that Navy and Marines Commanding Officers were needed. To fill these roles, Derikk Almoneth was chosen as the new Navy Commanding Officer, and Jared Waymen as the Marines Corps Commanding Officer on Year 11 Day 44. The Military then mobilized to begin its first solo mission into the Toydaria System of Hutt Space, marking the beginning of the Hutt Space Initiative. Soon after the beginning of the operation, Waymen was called away from his duties to join Jude Vatz, now Viceroy, and Premier Steve Sphinx for the coronation ball of Alex Tylger, the newly crowned King of the Hapes Consortium. Originally invited to serve as security for the Viceroy, Vatz allowed Waymen to explore the Hapan palace on his own where he became antiquated with several citizens of the Consortium. As he returned to his work in Hutt Space, Waymen created a new version of the popular Kahn's Wraith drink, Non Alcoholic Kahn's Wraith. On Year 11 Day 67 Jared was promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander and for his efforts within the Kingdom, was inducted into the Order of Tresario Freedom as a Colonel. The construction on Toydaria continued as the Military grew stronger and larger, making Toydaria the new base of operations for the Navy. On Year 11 Day 164, he was promoted to the rank of Commander and was awarded the Loyalty and Brotherhood points of the Kingdom Star. Jared was glad during this time to see his cousin John Green join Tresario around this time, as he had not had contact with John since they had split ways after graduation from the University of Aldera. Though John did not stay for long, he later returned again and continued to stay as a key member of the Kingdom. After nearly a year now in the Kingdom, Waymen also made contact with his family again and made amends with his father.

Deputy Minister

After years of service to the Kingdom, Dek Sulare announced that he was retiring from his position as Minister of Military Operations. Arborin was selected to take his place as Minister, and Waymen was chosen as the new Deputy Minister on Year 11 Day 213, officially taking his oath on Day 230. Taking full leadership of the Military operation in Hutt Space, he led the Navy with the aid of Xyler Zero and other officers to completing the Toydaria tax planet, setting his sights on other planets within the Toydaria system. Waymen became involved in the Galactic Alliance, seeking to improve its structure and unity. Waymen became increasingly frustrated with various members in the Alliance however, as debates were bogged down and little progress was made. Between debates within the Galactic Alliance, Waymen contributed to the Falleen Federation Library Archive, becoming the leading authority within its record keepers of Tresarian history. It was also during this time that tensions between Bisz Aldaris, King of the Falleen Federation, and the Hall of Ministers was growing. After a string of rash comments by Aldaris, Waymen and the rest of the Hall of Ministers believed that it was time for Tresario to stand on its own and become a sovereign government. In a unanimous vote, the Hall of Ministers declared Tresario's independence Year 12 Day 37. Attempts at creating a peace between the Kingdom and the Federation failed as Aldaris was unwavering in strict stances towards Tresario. Over a month later, Waymen attended the Coronation of Jude Vatz, his former commanding officer and friend, and even gave the closing remarks.

Fleet Admiral

Following the coronation, Waymen felt it was important for the history of the last three years of the Kingdom to be recorded for future generations. To this end, he founded the Tresario Star Kingdom Library Archive and became its first Head Archivist. Months later, the situation in Falleen grew worse as the citizens of the Federation became frustrated with the lack to strong leadership. At its peak, a large portion of the Federation left, many choosing to join Tresario. Among these new arrivals was the vast majority of the Federation Army, which reformed to become the new Tresarian Army. It was decided that the Deputy Minister position was no longer needed, and was split into two parts, Fleet Admiral for the Navy, and Field Marshall for the Army. Waymen was chosen to be the first Fleet Admiral, and Xias was appointed as the first Field Marshall. Later, he was awarded a third point on the Kingdom Star, the Leadership point.

Waymen continued to lead the operations in Hutt Space for months, building up the planet Credquant with the aid of officer Wyatt Bacon. It was during this time that Waymen proposed to his long time romantic interest, Aanyah Ramone, who said yes. Wedding date was set for several weeks later. The Credquant Urbanization project continued to run smoothly until rumors of "forgotten" systems began to circulate throughout the galaxy. It was rumored that galactic maps were incomplete and there were planets which had become lost over time. After it was confirmed, the military, both Navy and Army, quickly mobilized in a joint effort to search out for these forgotten systems in new by sectors, hoping to expand Tresarian borders. After the designated sectors were searched, Navy officers returned to the Toydaria system to resume operations. It was on Year 13 Day 179 that Jared Waymen and Aanyah Ramone were married by Waymen's cousin John Green. The wedding was attended by many Tresarians, including King Vatz and Premier Sphinx, and several friends of Waymen and Ramone.

Ministry of State and illness

It was nearly a month later that Waymen announced his resignation as Fleet Admiral. He took on the new title as Adjutant and began his work in the Ministry of State, working primarily in the Archives that he founded and the Tresarian News Network to get both up to greater standards than before. Over time, he became less and less active in this role, entering into a semi-retirement state. He eventually drew more distant, breaking off his relationship with Aanyah and became less and less public, only showing up periodically. He later found out he had a rare neurological disorder, which was greatly effecting his personality, and would eventually kill him. He went on a soul searching journey across the galaxy after he found out, giving away all of his possessions. He ended his journey in the Alderaan system, taking his Y-wing, named the Alderaan Sunset, and plunged it into the sun, ending the journey in his home system.

His brother Marke took some time away from Tresario to grieve his brother's death. Now that he was old enough, he then applied to the University of Tresario himself, and began his own journey in the Kingdom.

Physical Appearance

Jared has brown hair and blue eyes. He is average height and build. He does not have any facial hair and keeps his short. Other then a scar that goes across his face that he received in the crash his brother died in, kept to remind him of that day, he is not extremely memorable physically wise, and he likes it this way.


Friendly and generally non-violent, he liked peaceful solutions to issues, but was willing defend himself, his friends, and his Kingdom with his very life. When he made enemies, which was rare, he did not forget them and would always keep an eye on them. He was not offended easily but quickly became angered when his friends were being hurt. He trusted others easily, but when that trust was lost it was hard to get back. When around those he does not trust, he was quieter and when he was around those on his enemy list he never relaxed. To Jared, honor and adventure were good enough reasons to do something, and he strove for respect more then recognition and awards. He also was one of those kinds of people who could turn on or off their maturity. While he enjoyed turning it off, he knew when to turn it back on and did so when needed. He was a man that enjoyed the past and believed it to be important to know about the successes and failures of those that came before you. He also enjoyed symbolism and believeed that just about everything should have a meaning.

Sports Career

Colonial Shockball League

Jared competed in CSL in it's first season, continuing to play it all the way to the 4th and final season, several times ranking in the leader board of players.

Kal'Shebbol Echelon

Jared Waymen joined the Echelons late in the first season and played for them for two seasons.

Season 1

Jared started was signed to play for the Echelons late in the first season due to their loss in their center. He played several games with them, and played in the Super Clash game that was won by them.

Season 2

Jared continued to play center for Echelon in season 2, and at one time was the 9th highest Scorer in the TGM league.

Ku`Bakai Clones

After two seasons with Echelon, Jared was offered to help start a new team, the Tresario team Ku`Bakai Clones. He signed on with them, and left Echelon after playing with them for 2 seasons. He continued to play for the Clones until the end of CSL.

Season 3

Jared Waymen was captain of the Clones and was at one time ranked the 12th top scorer in his league.

Season 4

Jared Waymen played for the Clones yet again and was captain in 4th and final season of CSL.

Sakiyan Madness Battle Brackets

Jared has participated as a combatant in the 4th Sakiyan Madness Battle Brackets and defeated Billys Bob in the first round, Steve Sphinx in the second round, and Hanako Ackmin in the third round. This launched Jared into the Final Four of the competition, making him the underdog of the four. He was defeated then by Dek Sulare in the semi-finals, who went on to win the Finals and become the Champion of the competition. Jared also went on to win the predictions for the brackets and won the prize as betting champion.

Jared returned to the competition to fight in the 5th Sakiyan Madness Battle Brackets. His first match was against Max Pendragon, who defeated Jared in a close match. He also did not do well in the betting this time around, scoring near the bottom with his brackets.


Alderaan Twilight

The Alderaan Twilight is a ETA-2 fighter. Jared bought the ship on Year 10 Day 271. It is currently owned by Shawn Veldn.

Waymen Legacy

The Waymen's Legacy is a Bulk freighter that was given to Jared for his service to the Kingdom. It is currently owned by Shawn Veldn



"Jared I'm naming you JJ the Jet Plane, but I'll shorten it to JJ."
— Aanyah Ramone

Jared was given the nickname "JJ" by Aanyah Ramone and has been called this by several other members of Tresario.


Jared was given the nickname "Steadfast" by Filithell Arborin for his loyalty to the Kingdom. During the Sakiyan Madness Battle Brackets, Jared competed under this nick name.


"Can we demote him for taste in pizza?"
— Jude Vatz

"Commander Sir Jared Waymen, you continue to make Tresario proud with everything you do. Your undertaking of any assignment and overall attitude to everyone in our Kingdom makes you one of our greatest assets."
— Jude Vatz

"I'll get it tomorrow."
— Jared Waymen