Marke Waymen

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Marke Icar Waymen
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
House Waymen
Mother Jade Waymen
Father Bail Waymen (Deceased)
Marital Status Married
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Jared (Deceased), Janna, Ilo (Deceased)
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Born Year -6 Day 348
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Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Weight 79 kilograms
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Hair Color Brown
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Tresarian Service
Ministry Ministry of State
Department Tresarian News Network
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Rank Senior Aide
Prior Service Ministry of State

Ministry of Military Operations

Marke Icar Waymen is a citizen and non-commissioned officer within the Tresario Star Kingdom, as well as the Duke of House Waymen.



Marke grew up on Alderaan with his parents, Bail and Jade Waymen, as well as his older siblings Jared, Janna and Ilo. In addition, he often saw his older cousin John Green. His family ran a repair shop on Alderaan, which helped all the Waymen children learn more about mechanics and starships. However, the family was broken apart by the death of his brother Ilo. Years afterwards, Jared decided to leave. Only 15 years old, Marke chased after his brother and asked to join him. Jared relented and together they traveled the stars, eventually finding themselves in the Tresario Star Kingdom.

While Jared attended the Citizens Academy, Marke found a job as a pilot in the capital system and attended the lower end academy until he was old enough to be admitted into higher education and join Tresario as a true officer. During this time, Marke got to meet many people through his brother, including then Viceroy Landion Domic, and later his successor Jude Vatz. He witnessed the succession of Tresario from the Federation, and attended the coronation of the new King Vatz. It was after years of time in the Kingdom, that Marke noticed Jared began acting distant and strange. Soon his brother stepped down as Fleet Admiral, and then a few months later flew his ship into the sun of their homeworld. Devastated, Marke took some personal time to return home for a funeral for his brother. After some time to himself, he decided to return to Tresario and join the University, so that he could continue his brothers work. He studied the history his brother had left behind, and to become a better pilot, with hopes of joining the Tresarian military.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Ministry of Military Operations

Finally, on Year 18 Day 133, Marke graduated from the University of Tresario, and was granted the rank of Petty Officer. He was assigned to the Tresarian Royal Navy, and started in the Tresario Core Fleet under the command of Clive Redrum. He served in the Navy helping to finish with Operation Clean Slate, and latter fly an A-wing to try and find the pirates of the Tyanna sector. As Marke was in hyper a lot for this operation, he did a lot of writing during his spare time. This writing later caught the attention of Minister Sydney von Ismay, who approached him to become the Managing Editor of the Tresarian Dawn. He accepted and found himself greatly enjoying the work.

When that operation Ended, he joined Tresarian forces in Seccero for a war game with the Galactic Empire. During this war game, Marke realized that the Navy was not for him, as he was merely following in the footsteps of his brother. He decided he needed to follow his own path. Using the contacts he had made as Managing Editor of the Dawn, he requested a transfer to the Ministry of State. Following the Tresarian victory of the war game, his request was accepted and he officially was transferred.

Ministry of State

After joining the Ministry of State, Marke stayed on Seccero to report on the end of the war game when Death Watch forces came into the system to attack the Tresarian military still there. He ended up remaining in Seccero for the remainder of the battle, reporting Star Kingdom citizens updates on the battle. Following the decisive victory, he then left and returned to Tresarian space to begin his work in MoS. He was then promoted to Chief Petty Officer on Year 18 Day 244. On this day he was also appointed as co-head archivist of the Tresario Archives.