Garharh Brin

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Garharh Brin
Biographical Information
Race Cathar
Homeworld Cathar
Mother Sylvar Zho Brin (Ba'as'teth)
Father Rasi Aric Brin
Marital Status
Spouse Aralunia Brin
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 Meters
Skin Color {{{skincolor}}}
Hair Color Dark Grey
Eye Color Dark
Tresarian Service
Ministry Ministry of Military Operations
Department Tresarian Navy
Title Sir
Rank Commander
Prior Service

Sir Garharh Brin C.F. is a citizen of the Tresario Star Kingdom, a Tikiar and a founding member of the Gryphons.


Early Life

Born on the planet Cathar, Garharh was born to a wealthy family of merchants. He grew up in relative wealth, and spent time with his father watching him in his trade. He traveled the galaxy and met many beings from many worlds. He became fascinated with the cultures of these people, and when his father died, he took on his father’s work. After running the business for several years, he met Tianna Orchid, who had recently started employment at the young Tresario Star Kingdom.

Joining the Kingdom

After talking with Orchid, he decided to sell his business and join the Kingdom, starting in the academy as a cadet. Soon after joining, the Jedi Order sent a Knight to the Kingdom to test citizens for force sensitivity. Many members were found force sensitive, with Garharh being one of them. He joined the Jedi Order and split his time between Tresario and the Order.

During his early days in Tresario, he contributed greatly to the culture of the Kingdom. After joining the Ministry of Military Operations, he–along with several other members—started an organization within the Kingdom to serve as an honor guard. After much debate, they choose the name Gryphons. Though the “Order of the not so Round More like a Square Table” was highly considered. He also created a chain of prime steak houses called Garharh’s Steaks.

Along with being a good cook, he proved himself a talented artist and a skilled fighter. He fought in the legendary Sakiyan Battle Brackets, making it to the end of the competition several times, and winning the gambling brackets for several as well.

Garharh served loyalty within the Tresario Star Kingdom, being awarded by Landion Domic, the then Viceroy, with the Kingdom Star Point of Loyalty. He came to enjoy the atmosphere of the Kingdom, the spirit of idealistic freedom as he felt. Through time he rose in the ranks until reaching the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Often he was away on business with the Jedi, and after one long meditation session he returned and found that Landion had left, and Jude Vatz had taken his place. Though surprised, he was very approving of this choice and continued to serve the Kingdom he had grown to love. It was during this time that he also met his wife, Aralunia Brin.

He served in several military operations, including the urbanization of Yaled, Boonta, Garn and others. He served in the Tresario Core Fleet during many of these operations, helping his comrades across Tresarian space.

When Tresario declared their independence from the Falleen Federation, Garharh Brin served as a guard along with the other Gryphons at the coronation of Jude Vatz. He was later honored with Knighthood and inducted into the Order of Tresarian Freedom, and later promoted to the rank of Commander. He also became one of the early members of the Order of the Tikiar.

Garharh also saw the further expansion of the Kingdom when Anzat Commonwealth was brought into the Kingdom, seeing the Navy grow even more with the creation of the Anzat Core Fleet, to which Garharh has been transferred and continues to serve within.