Anzatan Privy Council

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Informally considered a meritocracy, the Anzatan Commonwealth is governed by the Privy Council. Advisors chosen personally by the Queen for their commitment to the cause, ability, and loyalty. Each one is a master in their own field, and governs their individual ministry's day to day business, while offering input on larger general matters in debate with the rest of the Council.

  • Head of State: The Head of State is the Commonwealth's leader. Their guidance and wisdom provides the Commonwealth with strength and direction. The Privy Council is formed from experts from various fields in order to provide advice and leadership to the different branches of the Commonwealth Government. If there is any disagreement between Ministries the Head of State uses their judgement to decide what is best for the Commonwealth and her Citizens.
  • Head of Government: The head of the Privy Council and Commonwealth's second in command, the Chancellor organises the other Ministers and ensures each one of these experts apply their unique skills to the best of their ability. They also co-ordinate each Ministry, preventing clashes and increasing co-operation between them. The Head of Government also helps maintain order and prevent conflict.
  • Treasury: The Treasurer manages the Commonwealth's finite resources such as credits and materials, and allocates them where needed. The Treasury is also in charge of the nationalised mining industry. As resources are not unlimited this role may involve choosing between competing projects based on proposals put forward by the appropriate Ministry.
  • Ministry of Commerce: One of the largest departments in the Commonwealth, the Infrastructure's chief task is the advancement of the Commonwealth's production companies. This ministry utilizes a vast amount of heavy freighters to build anything from research stations to vast industrial centers. This Ministry also manages trade with other organisations and individuals.
  • Ministry of Culture: This Ministry focuses on education, recruitment, entertainment, public relations, and the historical archives.
  • Ministry of Defence: The military arm of the Commonwealth, her purpose is to provide defence for the Commonwealth and her allies, while being a deterant to would be attackers and pirates. The Royal Navy uses a variety of highly advanced and unique starships, such as the sturdy Guardian-class Medium Cruiser and the fearsome Kaloth BattleCruiser patrol Commonwealth borders and defend her planets. Another key component to the Commonwealth armed forces is the Razor fighter, one of the most technologically advanced fighters in the galaxy.
  • Ministry of Infrastructure: This Ministry focuses on the internal economic workings of the government from logistics or construction of small business to building mega-cities which span entire planets. This Ministry also runs Outback Industries and co-ordinates the Commonwealth's recycling efforts.
  • Ministry of State: Primarily tasked with creating and maintaining relations with like-minded governments, this ministry also manages public relations and press releases.
  • Advisors: The role of "advisor" is an honourary rank given to those who have in the past made significant contributions to the advancement of the Commonwealth. The poisition includes a seat on the Privy Council, but does not include leadership of a Ministry, and is commonly awarded to those who have retired from active service. These advisors are included on the Council in order to help the Commonwealth stay true to the ideals it has been built upon.