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About the Imperial Union

The Imperial Union is the galaxy’s premier economic, political, and military union, currently comprised of 3 member states. The Treaty of Southern Coruscant established the current Imperial Union on Year 13, Day 326; and came about from trilateral talks among the three founding signatory members: Black Sun, Tesario Star Kingdom, and the Galactic Empire. The Anzatan Commonwealth acceded to the Treaty of Southern Coruscant on Year 14, Day 184; and became the Imperial Union’s fourth member after successfully meeting the Seele Criteria, as defined under the the adopted working regulations of the Imperial Union Parliament’s Taskforce on Membership Criteria. Later the Anzatan Commonwealth and Tresario Star Kingdom merged, reducing the number of current member states back to 3.

The Seele Criteria requires applicant states to have a stable government, a dynamic economy, a strong military, and the acceptance of the commitments of membership. An aspiring government should submit a Memorandum of Application to be considered for membership, and their application is reviewed by the Executive Council of the Imperial Union Grand Parliament. Membership in the Imperial Union, isn’t just some achievement to hang on the wall, it is an obligation to our citizens and our fellow members to move forward.

The Imperial Union has been widely embraced and supported by the citizens of the galaxy, especially after the announcement of its Vision 20/20 plan, which it endeavors to achieve by Year 20, Day 20. Vision 20/20, the strategic mission of the Imperial Union alliance, is to become the defining Economic, Technological, and Political union that serves and inspires the people of the galaxy for a better, brighter tomorrow. The Imperial Union and its institutions work everyday towards the betterment of life in our galaxy, from providing access to the latest technological advances in industry, to sharing know-how on innovative new medical practices, the Imperial Union breaks down silos between its member governments and their citizens and paves the way forward together.

The Imperial Union is divided into three Institutions: the Grand Parliament of the Imperial Union, the Imperial Union Signatory Commission, and the Imperial Union Economic Authority. The Grand Parliament is the Imperial Union’s legislative body, and when in session focuses on improving the life of Imperial Union citizens all across the galaxy. The Imperial Union Signatory Commission is a quarterly summit of the senior leaders of the member governments, which sets the strategy and direction of the Imperial Union. The Imperial Union Economic Authority serves to implement the economic and legislative policies of the Grand Parliament, negotiates free trade zone agreements between the Imperial Union and neutral business endeavors, and ensures compliance of Imperial Union law.

Economic Committee

The Economic Committee of the Imperial Union, is made up of senior economic and political leaders of the member governments, with their headquarters sponsored by the Galactic Empire on the booming financial capital of Raithal II. The Economic Committee’s main tenant is to promote and support free trade and open markets between the member governments as well as between the Imperial Union and its trading partners; but it also serves to encourage stronger financial and industrial practices and regulations in commerce and to drive the long-term economic development of the Imperial Union.

Since its inception, the Committee has seen the passage of mutually-enhancing technology licensing agreements between member states, a favorable reduction of costs and an expanded trade catalogue between member trading partners, as well as various offers of goodwill and true friendship.