Tresario Star Kingdom Navy

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Tresario Star Kingdom Navy
General Information
Ministry Ministry of Military Operations
Headquarters Forscan
Status Active
Fleets Tresario Core Fleet
Anzat Core Fleet
Battles Classified
Minister Lord Xias
Fleet Admiral Sir Fooj Iwajo C.F.

The Tresario Star Kingdom Navy, also called the Royal Tresarian Navy or Tresarian Navy, is the naval warfare division of Tresario's armed forces.

Mission and Overview

The mission of the Tresario Star Kingdom Navy is to maintain a strong naval force in order to defend Tresarian territory, protect Tresarian citizens, and preserve the freedom of all sentients living under Tresarian authority.



The Tresarian Navy is encompases all Tresarian Navy ships and personnel, and is led by the Navy Commanding Officer under the supervision of the Fleet Admiral and Minister of Military Operations. The Navy Commanding Officer works with Navy Command to proceed towards goals set forth by the King. Beneath the Navy Commanding Officer is the Navy Executive Officer, who deals with naval logistics and commands the Navy when the Commanding Officer is unable to perform his duties.


Fleets are large units within the Navy. Fleet commanding officers and executive officers are usually of at least Commander rank, and work under the Navy Commanding Officer to accomplish the goals set forth by the King. These officers are senior members of the navy and are tasked with giving orders and coordinating logistics for their fleets. Tresario Star Kingdom currently has two fleets:

Tresario Core Fleet

See also: Tresario Core Fleet

Tresario Core Fleet is also known as the Tresarian Navy First Fleet. It was established at the founding of the Tresario Star Kingdom and has a long, distinguished history.

Anzat Core Fleet

See also: Anzat Core Fleet

The Anzat Core Fleet is also known as the Tresarian Navy Second Fleet. The fleet was formed out of the Royal Anzatan Commonwealth Navy on Year 15 Day 221 when the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Tresario Star Kingdom entered into a political union.

Task Force

Task forces are units within fleets, comprised of four or more members. Task Force Commanding Officers are usually of Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander ranks, and work under Fleet COs to complete specific assignments, such as building or raw material hauling. Task forces may also have executive officers, usually of at least Lieutenant Junior Grade rank.


MC80 Home One Class Star Cruisers

MC80 Home One Class Star Cruisers comprise almost the entirety of the Tresarian Navy's super capital-class forces. These ships are heavily armed with turbolasers, ion cannons, and proton torpedo launchers as well as a moderate array of heavy lasers and tractor beams. With these impressive weapons complements, Tresarian fleets are able to match or exceed the firepower of all similarly sized task forces in the galaxy.

MC-80b Star Cruiser

MC-80b Star Cruisers make up a significant portion of Tresario's heavy-hitting captial-class forces. These ships are equipped with powerful engines in addition to impressive arrays of turbolasers and ion cannons which make them invaluable for granting Tresarian fleets the ability to rapidly respond to threats without sacrificing power for speed.

Kaloth-class Battlecruiser

Kaloth-class Battlecruisers make up the majority of Tresario's medium-grade capital-class forces. These ships offer decent speed and maneuverability, and they are armed and armored enough to contend with other ships in their class. Kaloth-class Battlecruisers see action on missions against mercenaries or pirates groups, where the use of more expensive, powerful ships is not necessary.

Razor Fighter

The Razor Fighter makes up a significant portion of Tresario's starfighter forces. Razors are moderately armored ships with medium-grade weaponry and above-average speed. These fighters supplement the Tresarian Navy's force of high-tech fighters, and reduce the load on specialized ships that are often difficult to build and maintain.


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