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His Excellency, Lord Steve Sphinx P.S. G.F.
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
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Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
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Spouse None
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Siblings Unknown
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Physical Description
Gender Male
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Tresarian Service
Ministry Hall of Ministers
Rank Premier (Retired)
Prior Service Ministry of Economic Development
  • Minister of Economic Development

University of Tresario

  • Dean

Ministry of State

  • Office of the Premier
  • Minister of State

His Excellency, Lord Steve Sphinx P.S. G.F. is the leader of the Hall of Ministers of the Tresario Star Kingdom.


I came into existence on Year 9 Day 72 on the planet of Tatooine. A week later after searching for employment I made the decision to join the Sons and Daughters of Freedom (SDF). Through out my career with SDF I have learned as much as I could under the leadership of General Ermine Nozual leader of the elite Zhug Brothers. With the death of Jesfa Ackmin, the leader of SDF, Falnor Urthadar took over leadership and the Tresario Star Kingdom (TSK) was born. During this time I left TSK with General Nozual to help out in Tresario Mining Authority (TMA). After General Nozual left Warren Ackmin took over TMA for a short time. Then I became leader of TMA with the inactivity of Warren Ackmin. With the turmoil inside of TSK growing Falnor sought help from the Falleen Federation (FF). During this time i was voted in to become the Minister of Economic Development (MED). I have served as MED for over a year i was chosen to become Premier (2ic) of TSK on year 11 day 48 with the departure of Landion Domic.

Positions Held
Preceded by
Warren Ackmin as leader of previous mining faction
Administrator of Tresario Mining Authority/Previous mining faction
Year 9 Day 106 - Year 9 Day 286
Succeeded by
Mia Logan
Preceded by
Position Created
Minister of Economic Development of the Tresario Star Kingdom
Year 9 Day 286 - Year 11 Day 57
Succeeded by
Tal Collan
Preceded by
Jude Vatz
Premier of the Tresario Star Kingdom
Year Year 11 Day 57 - ?
Succeeded by
Zeff Traner
Preceded by
Jude Vatz
Dean of University of Tresario
Year 11 Day 57 - Year 11 Day 151
Succeeded by
Landion Domic
Preceded by
Jude Vatz
General of the Order of Tresario Freedom
Year 12 Day 95 - ?
Succeeded by
Zeff Traner