Ministry of Economic Development

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Ministry of Economic Development
General Information
Headquarters Ku`Bakai
Departments Tresario Mining Authority
Cerberus Corporation
Tresario Salvage Yards
Department of Construction
Ministry of Economic Development
Minister Lord Michael MaCleod C.S. B.F.
Deputy Minister Sir Zero Turner C.F.
Deputy Minister Sir Prard`arck`Inrokini B.F.

The Ministry of Economic Development (abbreviated as MED) is the ministry within the Tresario Star Kingdom that is responsible for the Economic welfare of the Kingdom.


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MED Organization

Department - Tresario Mining Authority

Tresario Mining Authority (abbreviated TMA) is a Corporation of the Kingdom and is the chief source of raw materials required by the kingdom and its Ministries. All TMA tasks are performed by one of its two Sections: Prospecting and Mining. The end result of TMA's efforts is the required raw materials being delivered to one of the TSK's central storage facilities to be distributed to other Departments for further use.

Section - Prospecting

The Prospecting Section of TMA is responsible for all aspects of materials prospecting for all of the kingdom's Ministries, this includes:

Organizing and managing prospecting teams in terms of both manpower and hardware (prospecting vehicles and ships to ferry them). Planning and carrying out prospecting missions required to fulfill the materials needs of TSK projects. Tracking prospected terrains and materials finds within TSK space.

Section - Mining

The Mining Section of TMA is responsible for all aspect dealing with the extraction of materials for kindoms use, this includes:

Organizing and managing mining teams in terms of both manpower and hardware (haulers) The setup of mining operations, including founding cities, the construction of mines, power generators and storage facilities and the NPC staffing of the mines. The operation of mines, including activating and deactivating mines as dictated by the TSK's materials needs and tracking deposit sizes. Moving mined materials to central storage depots in coordination with the Materials Logistics Department of MED.

Department - Cerberus Corporation

The Cerberus Corporation (abbreviated as CC) is the Manufacturing faction of the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Section - Production

Department of Production (abbreviated DoP) is the chief source of Naval hardware and shipyards for all government uses. The Department handles directly all aspects of shipyard construction for the kingdom, this includes: - Planning and starting shipyard construction as required by governmental needs. - Managing all aspects of NPC staffing for shipyard construction. - Coordinating with the Materials Logistics Department of the MED the transport of materials required for construction.

Department - Construction

The Department of Construction (abbreviated DoC) is responsible for all aspects of facility construction and management within the Federation with the exception of specialized facilities such as mines and factories. The NPC Retrieval and Recycling Sections perform their specialized tasks while the Department itself performs these functions:

Organizing and managing construction teams as required to complete the various building projects. Planning building projects as required by kingdom needs, including city and planet design for optimum statistics. Carrying out building operations as per plans, including funding cities, picking up NPCs and materials from storage depots and starting construction. Coordinating with the Materials Logistics Department to deliver materials from central storage depots to local construction project depots. Tracking planetary statistics prior to, during and following building projects to maximize efficiencies.

Section - NPC Retrieval

The NPC Retrieval Section is responsible for the management of construction NPCs, this includes:

Supporting the DoC by supplying construction NPCs where and when they are needed. Organizing and managing retrieval teams to gather NPCs which have finished construction and returning them to appropriate staging points. Purchasing construction NPCs as required and managing NPCs in the inventory.

Department - Tresario Salvage Yards

The Tresario Salvage Yards (abbreviated as TSY) is the recycling faction of the Tresario Star Kingdom.



Minister of Economic Development
HOM-Michael MaCleod.png
Lord Michael MaCleod C.S B.F.
Deputy Minister of Economic Development Deputy Minister of Economic Development
HOM-Zero Turner.png
Sir Zero Turner C.F.
Sir Prard`arck`Inrokini B.F.

Department Leaders

TMA Administrator: Sir Zero Turner C.F.

  • TMA Deputy Administrator: Sir Wise Huang C.F.

Cerberus Corporation Administrator: Sir Prard`arck`Inrokini B.F.

  • Department of Production Secretary: Vacant
  • Department of Production Deputy Secretary: Vacant

Department of Construction Secretary: Lord Michael MaCleod C.S B.F.

  • Department of Construction Deputy Secretary: Vacant
  • NPC Retrieval Manager: Vacant