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The Sovereign of Tresario (better known as the King of Tresario, Sovereign or just King) is the leader of Tresario Star Kingdom and is addressed as "Your Majesty"


The first King of Tresario was Falnor Urthadar, founder of Tresario. During his reign, the Kingdom fell into ruins, and became extremely weak. In order to safe the government, Falnor went to the Falleen Federation for assistance, making Tresario a protected domain of Falleen. Falnor was allowed to keep his title as King of Tresario, but the true power resided in the Viceroy. Through this, Bisz Aldaris, King of the Falleen Federation, became the second King of Tresario. Falnor would later be exiled by the Hall of Ministers for criminal activity within the Kingdom. After nearly 3 years as a protected domain of the Federation, Tresario and Falleen drew apart from each other, mainly due to the policies of King Aldaris, and declared independence from the Federation and dethroning Bisz. In the days following the secession, Jude Vatz, who was the current Viceroy, was chosen as the first King of a newly independent Tresario.

Role in the Government

The King is the leader and crowned Sovereign in Tresarian Space. He has all executive authority

In the Tresario Constitution

""For the strongest and most convenient management of the general interest of the Tresario Star Kingdom, the citizens of the Kingdom do here by entrust their independence to the Sovereign of Tresario.

All Executive authority, both internal and external, relating to the Government and its many affiliates, shall be regulated and maintained by the Tresarian Sovereign. The Tresarian Sovereign is the Highest Military, Diplomatic, and Civil official in the Kingdom and may exercise that authority to better the lives of all citizens."
Tresario Star Kingdom Constitution: Article 1 Section 1

Other Roles

The King of Tresario is also the Marshall in the Order of Tresario Freedom.


The Tresario Crown was made by the greatest craftsmen in the Kingdom, making it of the purest gold and silver. It was specially made for Jude Vatz's coronation, as there was no crown for the Tresario King before that time.