Tresario Mining Authority

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Tresario Mining Authority
TMA Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Industry Mining
Leader Zero Turner
Wise Huang
Owner Tresario Star Kingdom
Holosite [[1]]
Known Members {{{members}}}
Historical Information
Founder Ruru Emily
Founded Year 9 Day 222

Tresario Mining Authority or (TMA) is a Crown Corporation of the Tresario Star Kingdom government.


Tresario Mining Authority is responsible for supplying the Star Kingdom with the highest grade of raw materials to be utilized in the construction and production throughout Tresario space, providing safety and prosperity to the citizens of Tresario. TMA mines and transports well over 5 million tons of raw material daily to distribution centers for the Star Kingdom's operations, to be utilized in the development, production and security of the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Tresario Mining Authority utilizes state of the art equipment in its mining process. TMA has access to the productive LIN-miner droids, the mainstay BFF Bulk Freighters, the sleek Modular Taskforce Cruisers and monstrous Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler (formerly known as the Tabder-class). All members of Tresario Mining Authority are provided Tresario citizenship and hold all rights and privileges granted under the Star Kingdom. Compensation is the highest in the Industry and TMA continues to grow stronger alongside the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Under the leadership of King Alto Rexar, his Majesty of the Tresario Star Kingdom, former King Jude Vatz (R.I.P.), Tresario Mining Authority Founder Lady Ruru Emily, and Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Wise Huang, TMA has set itself up to become one of the strongest mining corporations in the galaxy. Bringing pride to the citizens of the Star Kingdom.


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