Order of the Tikiars

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Order of the Tikiar
General Information
Status Active
Leader Grand Master Gravnkev Forestwanderer
Notable Members
Headquarters Garn (formerly)
Tikiar Temple on Colsassa
Historical Information
Place of
Sacred Isle of Joralla
Founder Rajasa
Founded c. 20,000 BCGT
Dissolved c. 3600 BCGT (Tragedy of Tikiar)
(restored c. Year 12 CGT as Order of the
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom

The Order of the Tikiar, Disciples of Tikiari or Tikiar Order are an organization of Force-practitioner of the Tresario Star Kingdom. The Tikiars are the keepers of peace and justice in Tresario and are fully trained in the ways of the Force. During the era of Tresario Star Kingdom aligned with the Imperial Union, their philosophy and methodology is no longer strictly follow the light side, but they are allowed to follow the dark side of the Force.



Most of the historical facts of the Tikiars were found in an ancient text or artifacts within worlds of Tresario. According to the ancient text of the Tikiars, they were a nomadic group of Force-sensitives originated from the Sacred Isle of Joralla. The Sacred Isle of Joralla was dominated by tropical jungles and was home of the ancient bird known as the Tikiari. The text, however, never stated the location of the Sacred Isle, though many of Tresarian archaeologist believed the Sacred Isle of Joralla was located somewhere on the planet of an uncharted system in the Mid Rim region.

They were existed around the era of the Old Galactic Republic and made contact with the largest Galactic Government's Force organization, the Jedi Order. During this time, the Jedi Order was large in number, they felt secure enough to allow other Force-using organizations to exist independently.

Tragedy of Tikiar

Tresario Star Kingdom



Insignia Rank Force Level Required Description
Tikiar Grand Master Tikiar Grand Master 100 Tikiar Grand Master is the honorific title that presented by the King of Tresario and serves as the leader of the Tikiar, as well as Tikiar Council. Tikiar Grand Master is a noble of the house of Tresario and also considered as member of Hall of Ministers.
Tikiar Shadow Tikiar Shadow N/A Tikiar Shadow title is granted by the King of Tresario and Grand Master of Tikiar Order. Tikiar Shadow is a Force-sensitive personal bodyguard of the King of Tresario. Tikiar Shadow always shows unwavering loyalty and devotion to the Tresario Star Kingdom, as well as possession of skills that on par with the Tikiar Masters.
Tikiar Master Tikiar Master 80 Tikiar Master title is the highest rank obtainable by a member of the Tikiar Order, reserved to an individual who has attained mastery to the way of the Force and devotion to the ideals of the Tresario Star Kingdom. Tikiar Masters may join the Tikiar Council and is responsible for the welfare of the Order.
Tikiar Knight Tikiar Knight 40 Tikiar Knights has deemed themselves worthy of Tikiar Knighthood. Those individuals who has presented an exceptional ability to the way of the Force and completed Trials of Knighthood are granted the title of Tikiar Knight. The Knight may now bear the responsibility of tutoring new Tikiars.
Tikiar Apprentice Tikiar Apprentice 15 Tikiar Apprentice title are given to those who has completed their initial training, they are bound to tutelage of a superior individual to gain even greater knowledge, power and affinity to the Force. They may seek a tutor inside or outside of Tikiar Order.
Tikiar Initiate Tikiar Initiate 1 Tikiar Initiates are Force-sensitive Tresarian who has aware their affinity and takes the first steps into the mysteries of the way of the Force. The initiates train by themselves or under guidance of Tikiar Knight/Master to becoming more attuned to the way of the Force.


Tikiar Council Chamber in Colsassa

Before the Tikiar Order made first contact with the Galactic Republic, they may have been nothing more than an "inner circle" within the assembly. Being a nomadic group, the Tikiars had no fixed organizational headquarters. After the Jedi Order arrival, their tradition was slowly become more influenced to the latter. An ancient temple found in Planet Garn had explain that they were no longer a nomadic group.

In the Tresarian modern history, the Order of the Tikiar formed a governing body called the Tikiar Council. The Council was made up of seven wise and powerful Tikiar Masters who discussed and contemplated all aspects of the Order as well as to serve as an advisory body for the Office of Minister of State. Led by the Grand Master of the Order, their membership usually restricted to Tikiar Masters.


"Guardians of the Light,
Servants of the Dark,
In Balance we pledge,
For Freedom we rise,
Together as One,
Immortal in the force.
— The Tikiar Code

Weapons and Equipment