Elaine von Veritrax

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Elaine von Veritrax
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes (Formerly) Naboo (Adopted)
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Born Year -16 Day 289
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Religion {{{religion}}}
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Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.70 meters
Weight 63.5 kilograms
Skin Color {{{skincolor}}}
Hair Color Varies
Eye Color Blue
Tresarian Service
Ministry Ministry of Military Operations
Department Tresario Core Fleet
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Rank Petty Officer
Positions Classified
Prior Service None


Elaine von Veritrax is an Tresarian Military Official, she started her career in the Akheton Corporation prior to taking up her cause with the Tresarian government following the sale of Akheton to the Trade Federation, a former member of the Imperial Union. Upon her acceptance and graduation from the Tresarian Academy she was subsequently transferred to the Tresarian Fleet where her past experiences as a member of Akhetons immersive and successful production and construction experiences were tapped into and developed even further.

Early Years

Elaine was born to a moderately powerful Hapan family who relocated when Elaine was young to another world within the Hapes Cluster. There the house slowly expanded its wealth and power under the guide of her paternal grandfather. However the success enjoyed by the family was short lived, for upon the death of her grandfather power passed to her father who squandered their wealth and was bullied by members of the household and the family slowly decayed into lack luster renown as her mother began openly having affairs and minor families rose up against the House Veritrax. Elaines grandmother fearing this weakness fled to Naboo with her granddaughter and raised her there teaching her the arts of business and warfare in hopes that Elaine would rekindle the fire that once flowed in the veins of her ancestors.


Elaine's days on Naboo were long for most of her life, her grandmother's had set about training her to ensure her a position of power in the Corporate government that controlled Naboo for later in her life. When Elaine turned 18, her diligence and devotion to excellence in her youth came to fruition as the company was all to eager to take her as an employee driving her to develop factories and production operations Elaine saw lines of production streamlined and made more effective. However the success in Akheton much like the success of her grandfather was short lived when the majority shareholders sold to the Trade Federation resulting in the acquisition and subsequent merger of Akheton into the Trade conglomerate.

Arrival to Tresario

Space was cold as ever for Elaine as she lay curled up in her bed on her Starrunner-class Starship Vendrix. It was in hyperspace to Tresario Kingdom space from Naboo, Tresario, her new home. She was eager to begin life anew, leaving her old Corporate life behind after Akheton’s board members voted to sell the company to the mighty Trade Federation, Elaines lucrative position was terminated and she was forced to sell her flat and move onto her starship. She was hours from Bak`rofsen, she had booked a landing site for the next two weeks to find a place to live on the planet. The sudden lurch of the ship was Elaine’s only sign of exiting hyperspace drawing her from her sleep. She stretched and walked to the cockpit as quickly as she could, as she sat in the captain’s chair she could see in front of her a massive array of warships and civilian vessels flying to and fro. Suddenly a shadow came over her ship and a communication request flashed on her dash. Her hands flew over the console expertly securing the line and encrypting it.

“You have exited from hyperspace in restricted space lanes you have two minutes to plot a course for open space lanes and make your way to your final destination. Flight Control communication lines are as follows: DX3x-9.”

Elaine immediately responded and plotted a course for the open space lanes and flew to orbit of Bak`rofsen. As her vessel neared the planet she gasped in awe, two massive Home One cruisers were orbiting the planet side by side in what appeared to be a patrol pattern. After several minutes of securing access to the planet below she descended eventually landing at the landing pad below. Still safely aboard her ship she decided to change and freshen up. Making her way to the refresher she turned on the shower, allowing the hot steamy water to relax her muscles and relieve the tension and stress of the past few weeks. She was home, or rather as close to a home it could be. Exiting the shower, she dressed and exited the ship, the planet surprisingly warm and dry as the air hit her face. She couldn’t help but hope that she would adjust to the planet quickly as she set about exploring.

Returning to her ship she repeated this process for several days, discovering the Tresarian Recruiters center, a hospital and several excellent bars and restaurants. Along her travels she had applied to several jobs as well though none of them really were attractive to her, so on the seventh day she decided to stop by the recruiter’s center.

Inside the center was a young human male, barely a few years younger than Elaine, she eyed him curiously he was attractive, with a stern face with dark black hair and brown eyes, he had a well-toned body beneath his uniform that almost seemed one size too small for him, she clucked her tongue trying to decide if that was on purpose or not as he rose to greet her. His hand extended and she grasped it smiling curtly.

“I’m Thomas, what can I do for you today Miss?” he asked.

Elaine smiled “I’m Elaine von Veritrax I’m just looking for a bit of info on some careers with Tresario.”

“Well you certainly have come to the right place.” Thomas laughed showing his incredibly white teeth. “Here have a seat.” He gestured to a seat across from his at his desk. They sat for several hours discussing careers and life before Elaine made her decision.

Elaine was on her way to the Tresarian University less than a week later.

Her time in the University came easy, physically she was fit and passed each physical test with ease, and her time on the range with her classmates was fun and leisurely for her as she was an excellent shot, establishing near mastery over projectile weapons from an early age under her grandfather’s tutelage. As for her piloting skills she scored decent marks being an already experienced pilot. All around she was pleased to score perfect marks on her final exam. Returning to her ship she boarded it hanging her uniforms and making to orbit to receive transport to her first official mission and be assigned to her first Tresarian ship.