Tresario Salvage Yards

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Tresario Salvage Yards

Tresario Salvage Yards
General Information
Status Active
Leader Vernon Foxtail
Owner Tresario Star Kingdom
Industry Recycling
Holosite Tresario Salvage Yards
Historical Information
Founder Jude Vatz
Founded Year 13 Day 209
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom

Tresario Salvage Yards (TSY) is a Crown Corporation of the Tresario Star Kingdom.


Tresario Salvage Yards was created when the need arose to clean up sections of Tresarian space from previous administrations misguided construction practices as well as inadequate work by previous planetary governments. Tresario Salvage Yards is given state of the art equipment to assist in its recycling process from EVS Construction Droids and GRZ-6B Wreckers, as well as several types of capital and freighter class ships, such as the YV-666 and BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, to complete any job put before them. All members of Tresario Salvage Yards are also citizens of Tresario and hold all rights and privileges any other Tresarian has. Compensation is the highest in the Industry and continues to rise as TSY grows stronger and with it so does Tresario Star Kingdom. Created by the King of Tresario, Jude Vatz, in Year 13, TSY stands already equipped and prepared to be at the forefront of the recycling industry. Under the leadership of Administrator Takar Resk, TSY stands ready to achieve its full potential.[1]

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