Tresarian Dawn

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Tresarian Dawn
Tresarian dawn logo.png
The Beginning of a New Tresarian Dawn
Editorial Information
Editor in Chief Sydney von Ismay
Creative Director Xyler Zero
Managing Editor
Art Director Clive Redrum
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Publishing Information
Publisher Freedom Press
First Issued Year 18 Day 164
Number of Issues 2
Status Active
Holosite Tresarian Dawn

The Tresarian Dawn is a magazine published by Freedom Press, an affiliate of Tresarian News Network. It covers a variety of topics relating to Tresarian life, politics, and entertainment.

The joke cover of the first issue of the Tresarian Dawn


"Stay with us and expect more, Tresario to You!"
-Sydney von Ismay - Issue #1
The cover of the first issue of the Tresarian Dawn

After 9 years of publishing news, the several executives at the Tresarian News Network came up with the idea to launch a magazine to reengage the Tresrian public in a new way. After receiving approval from King Jude Vatz, Minister of State Sydney von Ismay assembled a team of artists and writers to create the first issue of the new magazine. After weeks of work, they were finally ready to publish their first article. After publishing a joke cover page on the holonet, the true first issue was released on Year 18 Day 164. It was met with great reception by the Tresarian public, and citizens of allied governments immediately on release.


The staff of the Tresarian Dawn are some of the most well trained artists and writers in the Kingdom.

Current Staff


Former Staff

Archive of Issues