Marcinius Turelles

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Marcinius Turelles
Marcinius Turelles.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Arkanis I
Marital Status Single
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Signature Marc Signature.png
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.90 meters
Weight 89 kilograms
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Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Tresarian Service
Ministry Ministry of State
Department Tresarian News Network
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Rank Senior Aide
Positions Tresarian Archives Archivist
Prior Service Ministry of Economic Development

Marcinius Turelles, a human from Arkanis I can bee seen as a hard worker and loyal subject of Tresario Star Kingdom. Though he comes from Republic space, he shares the same core values as all Tresarians. Initially he started his work with the Ministry of Economic Development, though found his calling in the Ministry of State where he continues to serve the Kingdom to his greatest potential.


Early Life

Marcinius was born on Arkanis I and was the son of a factory worker. His mother, Aurius worked in the local factory creating armor and weapon parts for the New Republic Armed Forces. Growing up in a factory city was a harsh place to live. The smell of constant sulfur filled the air and the ever present military troops made the city feel more like a labor camp than anything else. Out in the skyline, Marcinius could see the high rises that many, including himself, called home. Growing up the young boy never knew his father and asking Aurius anything about his father was always met with a strict that is none of your concern type of response. The only thing he knew was that he was not in Republic space and was an enemy of the Republic. For years he searched for his father only to find dead end after dead end.

The New Republic

Marcinius Turelles graduated the New Republic Academy in Year 18 and was promoted to the rank of Ensign. He first started out in the Incom Corporation. His dreams were to help build, something that he was used to growing up with his mother. The disorganization he found once he was in Incom drove him away and forced him into a life of military service. He was assigned to a forward Battlegroup where he though his job would be to patrol and engage in pirate activity. Instead he was assigned to do long hyperspace relocation missions that required him to travel days on end in a single direction to retrieve a ship and then return it to the battle groups position. Such activities made him despise the New Republic because he was such a low rank, no one would truly listen to his voice, even in a democracy they stated they were. Many times he requested to be transferred to a different assignment, many times they denied him.

As his disdain grew for the Republic that he now served, he began searching for a way out. He wasn't sure who he could trust, though over the series of a couple of weeks he began to work with an Armani named Cisrani Sabacc. Cisrani would later go on to help Marcinius escape the New Republic and move to the Kingdom of Elysia where he would enter the service under Ling Reen to help build new found planets.

Kingdom of Elysia

When Marcinius arrived in Elysian space, it was strikingly different. As Cisrani began briefing him on how Elysia worked, he quickly noticed that everything seemed fracture and torn. The Kingdom was broken down into houses and each house was basically it's own government with it's own set of laws. He decided to give it a shot as he followed Cisrani to the Gendius system to work on Gendius II. For the next month he worked the hardest he had worked since he was a boy in the factory. Within a month he had enough. It wasn't the job that was getting to Marcinius at this point, but rather the culture and the lack of forward progression that drove him away. It was time that he finally went to the place he always dreamed of. He quickly boarded his YT-1300 Gift of Orion and made for Tresarian space.

Marcinius had always looked at the Tresario Star Kingdom in awe. Wondering how something so massive could work and how people loved the Kingdom like they did. He finally decided that was going to be his final home, a place where he can truly sit down and grow.

Tresario Star Kingdom Service

Ministry of Economic Development

Upon being accepted into the Kingdom he chose to work in the Ministry of Economic Development, to assist in building the might of Tresario.

Content needed.

Ministry of State

Tresarian Archives

During his long trip from Elysian space, Marcinius began to look at the Tresarian Holocrons and Archives. Something about the level of documentation that was going on here appealed to him and he craved to learn more. As he began reading article after article, he noticed that there was a lot missing. He read something about a data breach many years ago and how the Kingdom lost a lot of their data. He wanted to assist his new found home as much as he could. Reaching out to different members of the Tresarian Archives, he was allowed to begin doing minimal work with the organisation. Mainly, he began categorizing everything that he could with the knowledge that he had.