Kevin Wolff

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Kevin Wolff
Biographical Information
Race Defel (formerly Human)
Homeworld Munto Codru
Marital Status Single
Born Year -5 Day 273
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Physical Description
Gender Male
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Hair Color
Eye Color
Tresarian Service
Ministry Ministry of Military Operations
Department Tresario Gryphon

Tresarian Navy (Retired)

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Title Sir
Rank Fleet Admiral (Retired)
Positions University Instructor (Retired)
Prior Service Ministry of Military Operation

"If you're not killing people, you're useless" ― Jude Vatz

Sir Kevin Wolff C.F. is a Male Defel Tresarian Citizen. He is the Fleet Admiral in Tresario Star Kingdom's Ministry of Military Operations.


Early Tragedy

Wolff was born human on Year -5 Day 273. as an only child into a small middle class family on the small outer rim planet Munto Codru, Wolff and his family made up a third of the human population that lived in their settlement. Munto Codru was a common location for many species of sentient to find themselves. Wolff never spent much time with his parents, both worked in the control towers at the small starport on the outskirts of town regulating what ships would arrive and depart the settlement on a daily basis. Wolff was bothered little by this growing up, as he always had things to do whether it was going to the track with the other kids hunting the local wildlife both with the settlements hunters or on his own. He also ocastionaly attended school. Wolff like many of his friends and most youth has a dream of traveling through space fast ship or slow Wolff didn't care he just wanted to see the stars a little closer and to see other planets and to meet new and unusual people.

On Year 8, Day 93--still in the warmer months--the settlement was gearing up for one of its local celebrations. It was sometime around mid day and Wolff was out with one of the larger hunting parties when they heard a noise and noticed a large ship descending to ground doing so in such a way that it was obvious they had not chosen to listen to the tower before starting their decent. Laughing to himself Wolff knew he would have something fun to talk about over dinner with his parents meaning he probably would not have to spend as much time explaining why he skipped school to go hunting again. They didn't find out the truth until later when the party returned to find an almost empty town waiting for them, those that were left were old or weak and had been roughed up on top of that. With the family's of the hunting party having been taken and now aboard the large ship its members rallied and made an angry assault against the ship and her crew. The ship itself was crewed by one of the most vile crews in the sector stories of whom the people may have heard about on the holonet but never expected to come around. The fight itself did not go well, the combination of old hunting rifles with 3-5 shot power packs carried by unarmored and untrained farmers and shop owners attacking the slaver groups military grade weapons in their dug in position around their ship. All the citizens were killed or severely wounded save for the occasional minor injury. Wolff was one of these few, he had been hit in the upper arm and had fallen back striking his head and was knocked unconscious by the fall and remained that way until a short time after the slavers had taken their prize and left.

Two days later, people from the capital city had arrived to take control and work to clean out the settlement and get the people still in it moved to other settlements around the planet. Wolff was in his fathers office at the spaceport when the man had arrived, he was in a nice YT-510 and when he stepped out he was met by an official and a security crew. As was now required at the starport the security team made to board the ship and check it when the man pulled out an identification card being to far away to read anything on the card, however looking harder than he has at anything in the past almost as if through a lens Wolff did notice that it had a pink background and whatever it said it made the official and the security team decide that they did not want to interfere with him or his work and they let him be. With this new man and his ship Wolff knew his next move it wasn't a plan he had even thought of before having been consumed in grief but he knew that this is were his path would lead.

Wolff had been trailing this new man and asking questions of him to those he had been talking to, Wolff had learned that this man was a bounty hunter and has been following these slavers for the past three months and was working on bringing them to justice. Wolff knew that the man would be leaving soon he had talked to everyone who could help him he even got Munto Codru's government to add to the reward he would get. Walking out of the most recent shop that the man had gone into Wolff was starting on his way to the mans ship thinking of every different way he could convince the man that he would be helpful to have around. But none of it seamed to work it all sounded like what it really was, a young kid looking to get back at the men who hurt him. Wolff had been so preoccupied that he hadn't noticed the man that he had been following for the last two days was now following him until Wolff stopped and cursed under his breath. The man offered to let Wolff join him on his hunt, but that he would not babysit the young man. Over joyed with the offer Wolff readily agrees and following the man to his ship and departs with him. Looking through the monitors it does not even cross Wolff's mind that this will be the last time that he sees his home on Munto Codru.

It was around a month by this point without the sun or the rotation of the planet Wolff was unsure of the date but this didn't bother him the Bounty Hunter who despite not letting Wolff know his name has been giving Wolff a crash course in different variants of combat hand to hand non projectile as well as teaching him to shoot an old EE-3 (small enough to fit in a fourteen year old's arms but strong enough to go through armor.) All while getting use to the over sized combat armor and flack helmet the hunter had Wolff wearing. Wolff in full armor was doing some strength training while the hunter was in the cockpit looking up the latest info on the targets. Wolff knew he had to train hard he also knew that following his strength training the hunter would engage him in hand to hand combat and in such a weak form after the workout Wolff would not last long. As the hunter exited the cockpit Wolff watched him approach expecting him to attack as soon as he was in reach. Instead the Hunter stopped short and spoke “they are having an action on some small moon they have been using as a base, we get there tonight before the buyers do.” Surprised Wolff stands still weary of his master Wolff stands in his battle stance while listening. “This is your chance son you do not want to be less than your best, shower and get some sleep I will get you when we are ready to make our approach” Wolff awoke with a start his hand flew the the vibroblade he had hidden under his pillow and swept it across the chest of the one who awoke him. Beneath his mask Wolff could hear the hunter laughing “it will take more than that to get through a set of HBA son, get up get dressed we are here.” As they land Wolff and the hunter descend down the docking ramp to meet the slavers gathered as a welcome entourage. Speaking up to cut off the slavers greeting the hunter asked “the boss were is he?” And when the groups could not give him a satisfactory answer the hunter opened fire on them and proceeded inwards to were the action would be held. With Wolff there to provide cover fire the hunter picked off slavers swathing a path towards the boss (the acquisition) the attack was fast and deadly. As they arrived at the side of the large show stage Wolff and the hunter could finally see the boss and his lieutenants, removing the last of the slavers between them Wolff recognized some of the people in the cages around them but before having time to look for his parents the hunter stunned the acquisition and lifted him onto his shoulders. As he did so a detonator fell from the mans hand and as the pressure on it was released the ground around them the stage and all the cages exploded into a great fireball killing almost everyone around and scaring off the rest of the slavers. Somehow knowing no one he cared for survived Wolff helped the hunter get the acquisition to the ship and silently returned to his quarters.

Over the next few days Wolff and the hunter continued to train neither talking of what will happen next, though Wolff suspected that it would end when he arrived back on Munto Codru the hunter would receive his reward and Wolff would make his way to a new colony to start his new life. What Wolff had not been expecting was a stop at a luxury space colony just to drop off the acquisition to the payers of the bounty. While there Wolff was studying the designs of the artwork that he was looking at when the hunter and a different man came from behind him. As they approached the new man spoke “so Mr. Wolff I am told you wish to continue your work with the Bounty Hunters Guild. If this is true then you will leave the armor sen.. just leave the armor you will not need it to be my apprentice or to be a watchman for the guild.” Wolff boarded the mans YT-2000 now dressed in an old cloak with nothing but a knife and a hold out blaster to defend himself.

It has been four years in service to the Bounty hunters Guild Wolff has seen planet after planet always being given a name and a picture and being instructed to follow a target around and plan out an attack strategy. This last one had been easy and Wolff had just sent on the attack report to the hunter and was now watching as the acquisition walked through the market making his customary stop down the short ally to bet on the races, at that moment a man obviously the hunter dressed in a heavy robe walked down the ally and stopped at the right side of the bookies door. Wolff watched as the acquisition stepped out back to the hunter waving back into the shop and as he closed the door the hunter jammed the stun master into the acquisitions back. In the local holonet communications center. Wolff receives his next orders, which were to join a government that had strong association with the bounty hunters. He is requested to do what he can to influence this government to be favorable to hunters.


On Year 12 Day 275, Wolff enters into the University of Tresario under the instruction of John Green and later is assigned to the Tresarian Army under the command of Alto Rexar and Neres Warjan. In the Army Wolff was part of many projects increasing security around TSK space as well as helping to grow her strength and influence in the outer rim.

He was also found to be Force Sensitive. He was trained briefly by Garharh Brin, joining the Tikiar. He often focused his training towards the dark side, using his past to fuel his power. Soon, he was also inducted into the Gryphons, the royal guard of the Kingdom.

In Year 13 on Day 135, the galaxy was shook by the outbreak of the now famed Derra Virus and its effects on the people of Derra and latter the galaxy as a whole. Wolff as part of the army was a large part of setting up for Tresario's military engagements both immediate and future. During this time of constant hopping around in space Wolff's off duty actions led to him contracting the Metamorphosis Virus from a Twi`lek who was a dancer at the station. Wolff would awake to find a defel looking back at him in the mirror, as time went on this became the face Wolff grew to be known as.

On Year 15 Day 200, the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Tresario Star Kingdom merge under the Tresarian banner and Wolff and his Army companion Jon Onasi were assigned to help lead the Navy fleets. A short time later Wolff became the Anzat Core Fleet CO.

Two years later, on Year 17 Day 77, Wolff was promoted to Fleet Admiral of the Tresarian navy as well as being Knighted and becoming a colonel of the Order of Tresarian Freedom.