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Articles from the Tresarian News Network that are related to Galactic events and events outside of Tresario in general. Many are taken directly from Galactic News Service articles.

Year 18

Mar'eyir a evaar'la ara

Representatives from Mandalore announced today that administrators are dissolving the government structure in favor of a more streamlined corporate format.

Established in Year 5 under the leadership of Tyr DeMeer, the Mandalore government provided valuable services to the various Mandalorian Clans and became the symbolic unifying banner of the traditionally dispersed Mando culture. DeMeer's background of service to the Galactic Empire influenced Mandalore's acceptance into the Imperial Union in Year 9, an alliance which fortified the Mandalorian Navy with a significant amount of high technology.

However, the reign of Tyr DeMeer was not celebrated by every Clan and some Mando Houses were resentful of Imperial affiliation. Internal dissent began to grow, even though the Mandalore government withdrew from its military alliance during the Imperial Union reformation of Year 13 and joined the neutral Galactic Concordiate the following year. A dispute over association with the Eidola Pirates ignited the Mandalorian Civil War in Year 15, resulting in the separation of The Death Watch mercenaries. Tyr DeMeer retired from government politics in Year 16, shortly after the separation of the Mando'ade mercenaries which marked the end of the Civil War. He was succeeded by Andrew Panzer of Clan D'ael'mor, who abdicated the position to the current Warrior Eminence Korlan Mereel of Clan Du'trachek on Day 153 of Year 17.

Despite the common purpose of the government, Mandalore appeared to have caused more division between the Clans than unity and modern citizens have since begun to question their identity. With the remaining confederated Clans struggling under the weight of the government's bureaucratic requirements, the Mandalorian High Council has concluded that a return to its paramilitary roots may be in order until the fragmented Clans can discover solidarity once again.

As Mand'alor Mereel stated: "This decision will have no serious impact on our relationship with our allies and nationalised factions, we even believe that this will bring us closer together."

The newly commissioned mercenary company will continue to maintain administrative control of the traditional Mandalorian worlds and Navy.

Year 18 Day 239 posted by Korlan Mereel on Galactic News Service

No Surrender in Serroco

Breaking news has just surfaced regarding a bloody conflict on Serroco. Death Watch's Bloodguard forces have announced they are making a “tactical retreat” from a besieged district in the opposition stronghold of Serroco following an arduous 15 day long military assault. Civilian bystanders commented that blood filled the streets in some areas as Bloodguard soldiers faced off in heated all out battles that raged through the night. A Bloodguard commander has recently announced they are heavily outnumbered by Tresarian forces. After some careful maneuvering and cunning tactics, the force was able to retreat in an organized manner while minimizing casualties.

No Surrender in Serroco GNS Pic.png

The Bloodguard composes Death Watch's conventional forces known for their ruthless attacks and no holds barred mentality. Overlord Peter Max ordered their deployment on Serroco´s capital after learning from intel sources that Tresarian forces had besieged the city.

The assault ended in the destruction of 378 Battle droids and the loss of 577 Mandalorian Warriors.

“Our Assault was a symbol of defiance to the Vatz Monarchy, in which we sent them a clear message that Mandalorians are a force to be reckoned with. With just a handful of commanders and a small number of warriors we were able to stop their advance enough to afford time to the people of the city to flee safely, while we hammered them mercilessly with all the armaments we had. While this was a victory for them it is not the end of the war and we will continue our assaults on the Tresarian military using guerrilla style tactics.”

Zann Consortium forces supported Bloodguard positions and were able to cause many enemy droid casualties. The streets remain riddled with blood and numerous droid parts as Zann constituents shred through most of them with ease.

"This is another show of the Shadow Dominion´s offensive cooperation", said a Death Watch Commander.

Death Watch forces were also supported by Affiliated clan Militias, most notably the deployment of Clan Ghost troops.

“During this operation we saw forces from Clan Breviin, Clan Delitrox, Clan Kal and Clan Ghost fighting as one. What a sight it was to see our united brothers carving through Tresarian forces before we made a controlled retreat. We urge our Mandalorian Brothers around the Galaxy to unite and show our strength as one. We will not yield to tyranny!”

Death Watch forces continue to retreat and according to Bloodguard specialists it is likely that Tresario Star Kingdom will get their prescence established in the city, but not before suffering major casualties. it is also believed some remnants of opposition remain within the city, striking under the cover of darkness and causing unrest among Tresarian forces.

Year 18 Day 235 posted by Peter Max on Galactic News Service

Year 17

From the ashes of war, seeds of peace

Deafening revelries on the streets of both Falleen and Coruscant today, celebrating the newly forged peace treaty between long time adversaries the Falleen Federation and the Imperial Union.

All throughout the day the atmosphere had been electric as large crowds gathered, eagerly anticipating an official statement from the Imperial Palace. When finally the holoscreens lit up, showing the Imperial Union Executive Council together with their Falleen Federation counterpart, an expectant silence fell over the restless crowds. As Emperor Ndengin announced there would be peace between four prominent nations, the pent up tension found earnest release in jubilant cheers.

The Emperor articulated his joy to see this long negotiated peace come to fruition: "It's been many long years that the Falleens and our alliance have been in a state of war. We've been fortunate enough to see that war go cold for quite some time, but it's always a time for celebration when diplomacy prevails and hostilities end as we find common ground and pave the way to peaceful coexistence - and perhaps even a close friendship down the road."

Signing the treaty, King Jado Dur`rik had similar remarks. "The anticipation has been an extended circumstance, it has not been easy by any means, yet worth the investment. The crucial factor is that all parties refused to give up, recognizing the importance of peace to our citizens and the economy."


The negotiation process was slowed by differences of opinion between the Falleen Federation and Tresario Star Kingdom, two factions with a short but notable history of conflict, which had followed years of cooperation and alliance. Tresario enjoyed a good relationship with former King Bisz Aldaris of the Falleen Federation, ensuring growth and development for both governments. But as the Federation moved deeper into the Galactic Alliance's sphere of influence, the relationship deteriorated into hostilities, and, eventually, to open warfare. This rift, in turn, opened up avenues for Tresario to become a valued member of the Imperial Union.

Seeing the Federation separate itself from the Galactic Alliance and prove their neutrality through time and active policing, Tresario approached the Executive Council for assistance and mediation in securing peace, a decision that ultimately led to this glorious new accord celebrated throughout the galaxy.

As King Jude Vatz of Tresario laid his pen down after signing the newly ratified peace treaty, he made a heart-felt statement. "King Dur'rik, as our feud ends, it is my hope that our coming together today will not only establish a lasting peace between our two great nations, but inspire others so we can move towards a more peaceful galaxy as a whole."

As the festivities on Coruscant between Imperials and Falleen tourists continued deep into the night, the services of the Imperial Security Bureau were called upon several times to maintain order, politely requesting revelers to display a minimum of decorum. So far, only minimal casualties have been reported in the wake of the celebrations.

Year 17 Day 274 posted by Guinar Ndengin on Galactic News Service

War is the H-Word

Bal’demnic (TNN) - The Krath Dynasty is reeling today after a covert Imperial Union mission was successful in the arrest of a number of Krath Dynasty officials, as well as the seizure of over 2,500 ships and a plethora of vehicles and weapons. Confirmation of the decisive Imperial Union action was announced by King Jude Vatz moments ago in a press conference at the Kalaayan Palace. Calling a special news conference a few hours ago, the Tresarian leader broke the official silence surrounding OPERATION TOTAL RECALL, and outlined the events that led to today’s outcome.

OPERATION TOTAL RECALL was a Tresarian led Imperial Union operation against the criminal organization known as the Krath Dynasty. I am relieved to say that this operation was carried out successfully without the loss of a single person. I am convinced our success is attributable to the bravery, cunning, and loyalty we so often see in our members. Today’s success will be recorded as one of the most devastating blows against the Krath Dynasty, with the seizure and impounding of large numbers of restricted technology entrusted to the Krath by the New Republic. With thousands of A, B, and X-Wing craft along with hundreds of Saber tanks and a stockpile of weapons now under Tresarian lock and key, this represents a huge reduction in the Krath’s ability to threaten peace and order throughout the galaxy.

The loss of large stockpiles of restricted military-grade technology comes hot on the heels of Krath’s recent suspension from the technology sharing arrangements with the New Republic. It was reported last week that the New Republic had formally informed the Krath leadership that a suspension was being imposed whilst the New Republic investigated serious allegations of illegal and unsanctioned trade of the restricted Republic technology. Krath Dynasty leadership did not react publically to the suspension, with their government spokesman refusing to be drawn into questions on the matter for the past week.

The loss of a large portion of their military strength was not the only accomplishment of the operation however. It was also announced that a number of key and promising Krath personnel were arrested by Imperial Union forces. King Vatz stated that the Tresario Bureau of Intelligence had been able to arrest ten Krath staff during the storming of a number of Krath ships. Amongst those captured were Ruling Council member and former leader of Krath, Lazarus Kell, also former Lord Archon and current Krath Lord Xel Novastar and senior military officer Marakk Sagesse.

Explaining the drivers for the operation, King Vatz elucidated: Just under six months ago, the pompous and bombastic Lord Commander Togl challenged the Imperial Union across the galaxy’s news networks. Preaching a level of zealotry rarely seen outside of mental asylums, the delusional little man is obsessed with the supposed glory of firefights and minor infantry skirmishes on one small world. Today the galaxy can see what the Imperial Union will do to those criminals and despots that seek to keep the galaxy in a state of turmoil. While the battle-obsessed Rift Alliance have been busy issuing personal challenges and throwing out childish taunts, the Imperial Union has been hard at work to undercut and paralyse the larger and more relevant capability of the Krath’s military.

As the Krath Dynasty scrambles to take stock of their losses of military hardware and personnel, Imperial Union staff are celebrating the victory and heroism shown by Tresarian operatives involved in the mission and Varro Belle in particular, who spent years undercover for both the Tresarian Bureau and Imperial Intelligence. With mounting pressure from the New Republic regarding the Krath’s lax security and their history of ignoring the trade restrictions on Republic technology, many political pundits are predicting further strains on the already stretched patience of the Galactic Alliance. The question remains just how much of the Krath’s incompetence the Galactic Alliance is willing to contend with, simply to bolster their military forces against the combined might of the Imperial Union.

Year 17 Day 262 posted by Jude Vatz on Galactic News Service

Year 15

A Taste of Freedom

The sudden announcement of a joint press conference between the Tresario Star Kingdom and Anzatan Commonwealth created quite a ruckus on the Tresarian capital of Bal`demnic. Press and spectators alike crowded outside Kalayan Castle to see what the two leaders of the Imperial Union have to announce.

Jude Vatz, King of Tresario was first to speak., As he approached the podium the crowd that had gathered immediately hushed in anticipation.gns-anzat-1.png

"In a galaxy that appears to have an exponential population growth we have seen a steady decline in interactions between planetary governments and their citizens. We have seen many governments over the years become aloof and disregard their citizens' pleas for change. From pay increases in a slowing economy to questions about safety from pirates, rebels and radical mandalorians, the desire of citizens to interact with their government in a meaningful way has not changed. It has always been my belief that every citizen has a right to a fair wage and to live safely in their homes. It is the role of their government to provide these services to them. Unfortunately, our galaxy has a stability problem, and we have noticed a spike in terrorist activity.

"We have been able to directly trace a significant amount of these plots to the rebel governments from the Galactic Alliance. We have seen first hand how they take young impressionable men and women, throw imitation mandalorian armour on them and send them out against the Imperial Union. As they attempt to slaughter our peace loving citizens, they spew accusations of violence and corruption. I myself am Falleen, not human, but have been treated as an equal with those from the Galactic Empire. We have shared blood, sweat and tears with our brothers and sisters from all of the Imperial Union. We have always stood for the rule of law, the fundamental concept that without a strong commitment to law and order we would have disastrous anarchy. This love of anarchy is demonstrated by several Galactic Alliance members, whom have no leadership structure nor collaborate with other member states," he took a deep breath and resumed.

"Today we stand beside our Imperial Union ally, the Anzatan Commonwealth. We have been friends and allies for many galactic cycles. We have cooperated well and enjoyed the benefits of our extremely close territorial proximity. However, today marks our closest cooperative venture yet, one that will lead to greater governmental interest as well as stronger, more comprehensive defense against the vicious rebels who seek to destroy all that we have built. The people of Tresario and Anzat are incredibly similar in both our ideals and the path we see as necessary for achieving those goals. We have decided that we can better ourselves if we merge our governments under a single banner. From this day forward the galaxy will see Tresario and Anzat as one, united under the Tikiar, forging a new path to bring peace and order to a galaxy rife with terror, disorder and death. I invite my dear friend Azarin Isard to step forward and make his statement."

Jude moved to the side as Azarin stepped forward and gestured for the crowd to remain quiet and calm. Azarin took his breath and started.

"After a lengthy and arduous process I have made the difficult decision to put Anzat's needs ahead of my own. I feel as leader I have taken the Commonwealth as far as it can go alone. The next step in ensuring a long and prosperous future is this merger, which provides great benefits to both governments and also greatly increased rewards for every Anzatan citizen. We proved by our operations within the Boonta system that we're like minded neighbors, and I am excited to embark on this new endeavour." Azarin retreats to his space on the board, and Jude returned to the microphone.

"This is just the beginning of the long and exciting road to fully and equally integrate both of our governments' operations. The only certainty in the galaxy is change, and we look forward to facing the constant changes of the galaxy together. To the people of Anzat, I welcome you to Tresario and look forward to integrating your culture within our own. You are Tresarians now, and together we will help the galaxy achieve the peace and stability which we crave," as the King finished his speech the crowd was exhilarated, soon it was possible to hear a subtle ovation happening on small focuses of the crowd, the people were certainly praising their leaders decision.

"Long Live Tresario! Long Live Anzat! Long Live the People! Long Live the King!"

Year 15 Day 222 posted by Zeff Traner on Galactic News Service

A Fishful of Dollars

FORSCAN - The Tresarian Crown issued a press release today regarding an unsuccessful operation aimed at capturing a pack of violent criminals associated with the Galactic Alliance in the employ of the Krath Dynasty.

The release included details recently declassified by the Tresarian Bureau of Intelligence regarding a long-term attempt to capture Peter Max, leader of the criminal organization Breviin Crusaders.

The report stated that an operation was launched to capture Peter Max when one of his agents, Xavier De`Kal, was caught within Tresarian borders on an intelligence gathering operation. However, before he was able to face Tresarian justice, De`Kal committed suicide while in transit to a holding facility. Max then approached Tresario regarding his agent's death. He confessed his beliefs in the short comings of his employers and their recent truce with Mandalore, which he despised.

Following this exchange TBI put into motion a plan to gather intelligence and eventually lure Max and his associates into Tresarian space to be arrested for crimes against the Crown.

Unfortunately, it was soon apparent that both sides had been playing one another. In order lure Max to Tresarian space, the Breviin Crusaders were paid a moderate sum for intelligence that was credible but very outdated. The intelligence also included information on a mole Krath had in Tresario, Lieutenant Jenfaa Gaah, who had been a long serving loyal citizen. These accusations were quickly found to be entirely false. TBI decided to use this falsehood as a way to lure the Crusaders into a false sense of security. Unfortunately, before the operation could come to fruition the Crusaders fled Tresarian space with the credits that had been given, hailing every ship with tales of their triumph during their exit.

When asked about this failed operation Minister of Military Operations Alto Rexar made this statement, "When planning intelligence operations they don't always pan out the way you hoped they would and that was the case this time. The Crusaders will attempt to make to make this sound as some grand stroke against us. This is simply not the case. We will continue to be vigilant against all threats. Further details will be provided as they are declassified."

Year 15 Day 194 posted by Zeff Traner on Galactic News Service

Year 13

What makes a man turn Neutral

TNN -- Bal`demnic, Auril Sector

We have breaking news from the Tresarian capital of Bal`demnic where the King of Tresario, Jude Vatz, has just shifted the political atmosphere of the entire galaxy in a speech given outside Kalayaan Castle. Rumors abounded in the lead up to this speech, but its content was far more surprising than those gathered for the event were expecting. Absolute silence reigned throughout the speech, though it would not remain silent for long. It appears that Tresario Star Kingdom is in negotiations with the various Imperial Union Governments to become an ally of what many claim to be the strongest alliance in the galaxy.

"We have been discussing whether to declare neutrality or to move our allegiances to that of the Imperial Union for what seems like an eternity. I have had many discussions with the Imperial Union leaders over the past few months as we sought to discern the best possible course for the citizens of Tresario. It was not an easy choice nor one that I took lightly. It may raise some of our citizens' eyebrows, but I do believe that this decision is the one we are meant to make. We have always been more similar to the likes of the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation than the New Republic, simply based on our forms of government and core beliefs. Over the past year, we have seen a drastic change in the Galactic Empire with the end of the reign of Emperor Bonias. The Empire we see today is better run and more liberal than the one we opposed in the past.

Due to these reasons, and many others best left unstated, today we have made a choice. Tresario will break out of the chains of the Galactic Alliance and make her own decisions. That decision is to move our allegiances to their proper places in that of the Imperial Union and its members."

As the King stated this there was a stunned silence for a moment, before a thunderous roar of applause from the crowd began as the impact of the King's words were comprehended. The ending of the speech linked the details given in the beginning of the corruptions within the Galactic Alliance and plots by the Falleen Federation in unison with Karl Korne to undermine the Tresarian government. Some of the other reasons mentioned were Karl Korne's appointment to GA High Command and the acceptance of the Old Republic as a member of the Galactic Alliance while Tresario Star Kingdom was left to fend for themselves, cast aside by the alliance it had once served.

There have been varying reports across the galaxy regarding the corruption within the Galactic Alliance and the King's comments all but confirmed these rumors. The monumental speech was not only a statement of a shift of allegiance by Tresario, but was also indicative of the apparent decline of the Alliance and the tyranny spreading throughout Alliance territory.

If the King was right about anything, this speech will definitely "send a shockwave across the entire galaxy."

Year 13 Day 124 posted by Zeff Traner on Galactic News Service

Year 12

Overcoming one's enemies with honor and loyalty

Beaming across a large press conference, a smart dressed Pantoran clears her throat in readiness to address the bustling journalists.

Looking across the room in acknowledgment, her eyes fall directly into the camera beaming across the galaxy.

"United Rebel Front (URF) would like to acknowledge your presence and thank you for joining us. we're but moments away from being addressed by our president Ara Tigranes."

Holofields light up and a murmur begins among the guests as an image of a Barabel comes into view and positions himself behind the podium. He pauses as he gathers the crowd's attention.

"United Front has called a special press conference in order to bring news of recent events regarding the actions that have unfolded surrounding Star's Nova and it's corrupt leadership.

As many of you may or may not know we have come to a turning point in the battle against the power and greed that has brought us to where we are now. Falnor Urthadar took his own life shortly after watching the planets of Star's Nova fall one by one. This victory was due in large part to our allies in rebellion and our very own who participated in liberating the planets from the tyranny that ruled them. Although we have won a great victory here we must not forget how we got here and the journey that lies ahead of us.

Currently we have teams securing our hold on Aldaravir. In addition to this we have teams pushing ahead with ship and building projects that will help us establish a footing in the galaxy. Our future is a bright one and as long as we continue to work together and support each other like we have we will continue to grow, prosper, and accomplish great things. I am humbled and honored to serve and be a part of the United Rebel Front. Keep pushing for freedom and keep up the good fight."

As the Barabel ends his speech the screen switches back to the anchor. Her green and black uniform gives her away as a U.R.F diplomat.

"U.R.F. were once insulted, abandoned and left for dead by its highest authority. The remnants of the former Rebel Front were met with empty promises and deceit to include accusations of its command betraying their Supreme Commander. Learning the truth with few casualties, U.R.F's members have pulled together by showing teamwork, heart, endurance and patience and along with unprecedented help from her closest allies, managed to reform its structure and continue the fight against the imperial army and all that ally themselves with that organization."

Swallowing hard, the reader checks her notes before continuing.

"Once, a force within the security industry, The United Rebel Front supplied her customers with the professionalism and high regard for quality demanded in these modern times.

With these same values, U.R.F would like to officially invite all her customers to sample our newest venture into the ship building industry. No project to big or small, come with us and sample the service you're looking for.

Our contacts can be found via the usual streams and orders are welcomed immediately. Anyone wishing to join our cause should also contact Ara Tigranes via the usual methods."

Looking directly into the camera once more the speaker disregarded her formal writings.

"The United Rebel Front will live on longer than her enemies and those who betrayed her. The hierarchy of The United Rebel Front would like to personally thank those that helped us through those trying times and offer their never ending gratitude to those they now call family for sticking together when all else had failed." Background music then begins to fade over the broadcast and the lights dim, leaving you with only the round U.R.F. symbol.

Year 12 Day 130 posted by Haga Kure on Galactic News Service

The Paladin's Passing

A starship knows no "morning"... no "evening". It exists in the null time of space. But it seemed like early morning of Year 12 Day 112 when the Emergency Transmission alarms sounded aboard the Vanya Sulie.

The crackling of deep space interference made it clear to both Captain and Crew this message traveled far...

"...than 6 minutes left before careening into the Sun in Ordint. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"

Two minutes later the message repeats in it's entirety.

"This is Landion Domic, in command of the Action VI Transport BloodHound. Coordinates Sector: Churba System: Ordint (-57, -401) System Position: (12, 3)

I say again, MAYDAY! MAYDAY! My ship's navigation system has bugged out! I have less than 6 minutes left before careening into the Sun in Ordint. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"

The ship is traversing Trax, rescue is not possible.

After the transmission the hustle and bustle of ship life continues .. if just a little quieter.

A few days later, The grizzled captain of the ship sits at his desk. The lighting in his quarters dimmed as he wrestles with the words he keys into his personal log in his datapad.He's already posted the official ship's log of the event. The two lines don't seem enough however. He closes his eye, leans back in the chair, and the memories come flooding back. His fingers key the pad without thinking... when done he ties it to the deep space transmitters and sends the data streaming into the Galaxy...

For those that didn't know Lord Domic, he was a career diplomat. Rising through the ranks of the Falleen Federation until he obtained the title of "Prime Minister"

After successfully tackling the challenges of the office, he became the Viceroy of Tresario Star Kingdom, a position which he held until just last year, when he abruptly resigned his post and disappeared from public view.

To fairly portray him it must be said our good Landion was not without his Dark Side. Given to plotting and intrigue, he was linked to several notorious events, none proven. The attempted assassination of King Aldaris and the imprisonment of several who proved beyond his skills as a diplomat were often whispered about, though never officially confirmed. Like many in the upper levels of government, he gathered and traded in secrets.

Tresario flourished under Domic's direction. A skilled diplomat, the Viceroy knew how to apply gentle pressure to achieve his goals, pleasing most, offending few. He pulled the opposing parties of FF and TSK together to form a unified government. Using COSA, a NFG that specialized in large government builds, Domic filled posts vacated by Tresarians unable or unwilling to accept FF rule while allowing Lords and Ministers of the previous government to maintain their roles.

His newly appointed Minister of Government Affairs, designed and developed the renowned Tresario Academy, showcasing Lord Domic's vision of Tresario Star Kingdom's future. Named Paladin of Tresario by the masses, Landion Domic led the kingdom through a period of expansion, building Tax Planets and factories, mines and Shipyards. Slowly but surely, the quiet economically challenged Kingdom of Tresario moved from it's place as a struggling minor government to what it is now; a Galactic Power to be reckoned with.

The reputation of Lord Landion Domic soared to new heights. He was Tresario Star Kingdom's guiding light through the darkness, untouchable.

Then suddenly, Landion Domic left ....

Giving up everything he had worked his entire career for, Ladion Domic removed the robes of state, put down the staff of leadership and simply walked out the front door into obscurity.

Year 12 Day 120 posted by Venge O'Day on Galactic News Service

Year 10

A Year of Success

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we come to you live from Kalayaan Castle on the Tresario Capital Planet of Cortar for a special address on this, the first anniversary of Viceroy Domic`s reign as the head of the Tresarian State.

The announcer continues,As many of you know, the Star Kingdom has evolved over the last 12 months, and we expect the Viceroy to speak to that evolution.The announcer pauses for a moment listening to his ear piece, and then continues, We`ve just received word that Viceroy Domic is making his way to the podium where he will deliver his address, let`s take you there now.

The image on your screen fades from the castle, to the great hall, where His Excellency, Viceroy Lord Domic is standing behind an ornate podium adorned with the logos of Tresario and Falleen.

Citizens of Tresario, Falleen and the galaxy, one year ago I was chosen by the people of Tresario to lead them down a new path; a path of growth, success, strength, freedom and brotherhood. One year ago I left my position as King Aldaris` Prime Minister and embarked on a new journey; an exciting journey, a journey shared with the people of Tresario. The citizens of Tresario have witnessed and contributed to quite a transformation, so encompassing the transformation that today`s Tresario is hardly recognizable when compared to the Tresario of yesteryear. At the request of the King of Falleen and the people of Tresario I voluntarily became the head of a State in ruins. Civil disorder, mounting debt, foreign threats, and previous leaders who were visionless; these things created an atmosphere that made our future questionable at best.

I brought to Tresario the years of experience I had from working my way from Cadet to Prime Minister of the Galactic Government; and a clear and solid sense of direction. A society on the verge of collapse chose to freely align itself with the Federation and follow my direction from day one, and since that day have continued to work tirelessly for the betterment of our Kingdom and our Federation with Falleen. It is with the proud and dedicated officers of Tresario and the financial backing of our Falleen brothers and sisters that we have shocked the best economists in the galaxy having gone from a monthly income of 10`s of millions of credits to one of hundreds of millions.

However, through the many changes that have occurred the one thing that has not changed, and has been key to our success is the pride and dedication of the Tresarian officer. These are officers that no matter how tedious the task perform their duties quickly and efficiently and do so for no personal gain, but rather for the betterment of our society. I have said that anybody can be named Head of State, however in order for there to be a leader there has to be those willing to follow. To the officers serving our Kingdom, I consider myself very fortunate to have you follow my leadership on a daily basis. You have humbled me with tokens of appreciation and the title Paladin of Tresario; you have made this first year of my time here more successful than I could have imagined.

I would like to thank King Aldaris and all of Falleen for the support and financial assistance needed to bring about these sweeping changes. You have given the people of Tresario the gift of financial independence and as our economy continues to grow that is something we hope to assist others in achieving.

I would like to thank Chief of State Trainer and the New Republic Senate for allowing us to build the mighty Mon Calamari class war ships and fierce winged fighters, all be it under the supervision of the Falleen Federation. The trust you have shown with this agreement will not only benefit the Star Kingdom, but will benefit all freedom loving nations and sentients throughout the galaxy. As those that stand united against the tyranny of the Imperial Union do so better equipped to fight for the freedom of all those who have never experienced it.

I would like to thank my Hall of Ministers, Premier Arborin, Ministers Sphinx, Sulare, Vatz and Deputy Minister Wise. This past year they have weathered through many changes, made some difficult choices, been given a new standard for leading and have each helped support me when the stresses of leadership weighed heavy. However, as some of you may know there have been changes to the makeup of the Hall this year. Those changes were necessary in order to have the right people in the right positions, at the right time to do the right thing to strengthen our Kingdom and in so doing, our Federation as well.

To all the groups and individuals that have assisted Tresario over the past year, who are far too numerous to list; thank you for your support. Through low cost contracts, service exchanges, mergers, and outright favors, you too have contributed to our success. You gave your assistance when we needed it, please know that should your day of need come, the Tresario Star Kingdom will be there to assist you as well.

Going forward, there is still much work to do, however I know that we will succeed. The citizens of Tresario are the greatest resource that our Kingdom has, and through a continued focus on their needs I am confident they will continue to further lift Tresario to new heights.

Thank you for your time this evening.

Long Live Tresario, Long Live Falleen, Long Live our Federation.

The screen fades back to the news room, where the announcer begins to speak, And there you have it. The Viceroy boasting publicly of the successes the Kingdom under his care has achieved and showering praise to all those under his command. It is very clear Viceroy Domic has a great deal of respect for the citizens of his Kingdom, which the citizens seem to notice.

The announcer looks into a different camera and continues, A recent survey among citizens of the Star Kingdom indicates very strong support for both the Viceroy and the Hall of Ministers with both showing approval ratings above 91%, the poll showed that all citizens are happy with the direction the Kingdom is being taken.

While spending time on Cortar today we were able to catch up with some Star Kingdom citizens, who had this to say.

I`ve been around TSK since its founding, and even before that having been involved with BHG and SDF, yet I have never seen a faction managed so expertly. Before Landion came to help us, pay was abominable, if it even existed, but he came, organized all of our assets, turned us into a huge economic power, and made getting a ship possible for me, and I know for others here as well. His open door policy is quite possibly the most open door I have ever seen, and many are the times I`ve asked him a question knowing that I would receive an answer. In short, Landion Domic is one of the best things since canned bantha steaks.

Another citizen expressed his opinion this way.

TSK has flourished in the last year as a family helping one another out when needed. Its strength comes from well organized leadership followed by the talented and bright members.

And lastly a citizen who would like to remain anonymous, the announcer declares.

Everything is really good with TSK. The leadership is most helpful to people who have questions and are always answered. There is no such thing as `well I`m a high ranking member and you`re not` approach like you get in a lot of groups. Everyone is included which in my opinion makes TSK what it is.

The screen returns to the anchor in the studio,So there you have it folks, with odds stacked against the Star Kingdom they seem to have managed to turn things around and are becoming a first tier government in the galaxy. It will be exciting to see what comes next for this quickly rising state.

That`s all we have for you tonight, from our offices here on Cortar, Good Night.

Year 11 Day 295 posted by Dek Sulare on Galactic News Service

Year 9

A Common Goal: The Falleen Federation and the Tresario Star Kingdom Unite

As the logo of the Republic Media Service slowly begins to fade from the screen, the image is replaced with that of a young, sharply dressed man. He shuffles a few papers on the desk before him, before looking up with a smile and beginning his report.

Multitudes of free sentients across the galaxy rejoiced today at the announcement of a new partnership between the peoples of the Falleen Federation and the Tresario Star Kingdom.

This powerful bond, founded on the shared principles and aspirations of these two governments, marks a historic day for freedom and a blow to those in the galaxy who would seek to undo the stability and peace of its inhabitants.

While both cultures will remain unique, it has been reported that the citizens of the Tresario Star Kingdom shall now come under the leadership of Lord Landion Domic, appointed by King Bisz Aldaris as Viceroy for the Federation. Lord Domic, with the affirmation of King Falnor Urthadar, will take up a new mantle as sovereign governor and leader of the Tresario Star Kingdom's government.

Before his departure to the territories of the Kingdom, Lord Domic issued this statement:

"I would like to thank the citizens of Tresario Star Kingdom for allowing me to serve them as their leader. The citizens of Tresario have much to be proud of and with their help and the help of our Falleen brothers we will usher in a new era - an era of growth and prosperity. While many challenges lie ahead, the people of Tresario will not know failure. We will succeed as one family where we put our efforts and, as one family together with our Falleen brothers, celebrate our successes."

The Federation has promised the highest level of support in this new venture, offering expertise, amongst other things, for the completion of projects necessary to improving the national strength and stability of the Kingdom. Even at this early stage, new bills have been drafted seeking to further cement this relationship between the two peoples. One such bill seeks to provide universal rights to all citizens of the Kingdom, similar to those already provided to the Federation's citizens.

Both parties maintain that this is not an assimilation, but rather two independent governments sharing mutual aid and furthering the common goals of both peoples.

Earlier today, King Aldaris of the Falleen had this to say on the new agreement:

"The Falleen Federation is committed to the principles of freedom, equality, justice and honour. These principles have guided the Falleen people for generations and they are the cornerstones of our Federation. The special relationship that we have entered in with the Tresario Star Kingdom is only possible because both governments cherish those basic but fundamental principles.

I respect greatly the vision and confidence that the Tresario leadership, specifically King Falnor Urthadar, and the entire body of Tresario citizens have demonstrated by freely electing to enter into this relationship with the Falleen Federation. I have absolute confidence that by working together we will both be stronger and more prosperous than we would be alone."

Both sides are keen to inform the galaxy of this bold declaration and King Falnor Urthadar of the Tresario Star Kingdom also issued a statement on the events:

"Today, the Tresario Star Kingdom and its Dominion Colonies, to provide a better voice for the people and create a strong, central government necessary to manage and serve the great subjects of the Star Kingdom, hereby give our thanks to the Falleen Federation for answering our call for assistance. The galaxy is a dark and troubling place, with freedom spread thin and liberties largely ignored.

"I will let this be known: I am not dead, nor am I giving up. I am taking us forward in the only way I know how - with strong support from a fellow ally of freedom. On behalf of the citizens of Tresario, I give my thanks and my support to King Aldaris and the Falleen Federation and I look forward to a bright future between us."

Though still in its very early stages, citizens and government alike on both sides are excited and committed to this new step on their journey toward a more unified galaxy.

Qui-Gon Gwynne

Republic Media Service

Year 9 Day 301 posted by Caitiri Ja'Brai on Galactic News Service

The Price of Freedom

Ku`Bakai (GNS) - Lord Mediator, Admiral Falnor Urthadar of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom Alliance, addressed the Galaxy-at-large today from the Bayonet-class Light Cruiser {SDF-KDF} Rebel Dream.

"Fellow Beings of the Galaxy, it is a great tragedy that I stand before you today and report the death of President and Admiral Jesfa Ackmin of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom. A great leader, a respected businessman, and a single being who was just looking to bring freedom and peace to this galaxy of terror and despair has been lost this evening. Since his beginning days of bringing the alliance together, to his final breath...this Fish dedicated his life to a free and prosperous galaxy and gladly paid the price.

For those of you who remember the duel between Jesfa Ackmin and deceased Sith Lord, Isoldor Storm, it was one of Jesfa's finest moments. He fought bravely and in the prospect of freedom. But the injuries he took from the fight were more than just losing an ear. The internal damage he suffered from the wrath of the Sith Lord was hidden so well, yet so severe.

Just Several weeks ago, Jesfa began to experience respiratory and heart problems that led to serious health issues. Doctors identified the problems to be linked to many injuries sustained during that fight and they were life threatening. When doctors had tried everything, they informed the President that he did not have much time left. Just hours before his death, he summoned me to his bedside and informed me that the future of the Alliance was in my hands.

I will now recite Jesfa's final words to his men. My friends, no. My family for that is what you have been to me. It's been a long road I've walked, and now it's coming to an end. I've done everything in my power to give the innocent and weak a fighting chance, by creating the SDF I've fulfilled my mission to the best I could. My part in the journey of freedom is done, you are the future, and I wish you the best.

I would like to take a moment of silence for the late Jesfa Ackmin, whose accomplishments and achievements are simply too great to number. Jesfa Ackmin was a simple Fish in some eyes, but to me...he was a great leader who knew the price of freedom...and he paid for it with his life."

Year 9 Day 219 posted by Falnor Urthadar on Galactic News Service