Sydney von Ismay

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Sydney von Ismay
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Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
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House {{{house}}}
Mother Kayla Varrus
Father Victor von Ismay
Marital Status {{{marital status}}}
Spouse None
Partner {{{partner}}}
Siblings Alexander von Ismay (twin brother)
Arianna von Ismay (sister)
Owen von Ismay (half-brother)
Cyril Xanthe (half-brother)
Jesika von Ismay (half-sister)
Dominic von Black (brother)
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Physical Description
Gender Female
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Hair Color
Eye Color
Tresarian Service
Ministry Ministry of State
Department Office of the Minister
Title Viscountess of House Ismay
Stone Bleeder of Anzat
Rank Minister
Positions Minister of State
Prior Service Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Anzatan Commonwealth

  • Minister of Culture
  • CEO, Anzatan Resource Extractions
  • CEO, Cerberus Corporation

Dame Sydney von Ismay C.F. is the Minister of State of the Tresario Star Kingdom; she is an intergalactic socialite that is also known under the nom de guerres Susan Varrus, Sydney von Varrus, Jennelle Xanthe, and Sydoku. She is a renowned real estate mogul operating over 98,000 facilities across the galaxy.

Early Life

Born into the 1% of the galactic 1%, Sydney and her twin brother Alexander's life started with a birth party that cost more than the GDP of most planets. She soon learned that a photo at a family gathering could easily just be used as a photo for a story in the Who's Who's of the Galaxy.

New Anzat Order/Anzatan Commonwealth

Sydney had a long and storied career in the Anzatan Commonwealth. Beginning her career in the Anzatan military, she was promoted into the Admiralty and led the Logistics and Personnel divisions for the Fleets. She later served as Chief of Staff to Chancellor Owen von Isamy, followed by stints in the Anzatan Treasury under Jado Dur`rik and later the Bureau of Commerce. When Commerce Bureau Director Falnor Urthadar took command of Cerberus Corporation, she joined him as Personnel Director of Cerberus Corporation and later became the Chief Executive Officer. She then retired from Public Service to work on her brother's campaign for the New Republic's Chief of State. Following the election, she returned to the Commonwealth and joined Anzatan Resource Extractions where she started as Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, later additionally taking on the roles of Acting Chief Financial Officer and Acting Chief People Officer. She was later promoted to President & General Manager of Anzatan Resource Extractions reporting to Anzatan Treasurer Azarin Isard. While serving at Anzatan Resource Extractions, her half-brother Cyril and Azarin asked her to lead the launch of the new Government news agency Anzatan Herald News. Later she was named as Minister of Culture and worked with Chancellor Isard on the Anzatan Commonwealth's application to join the Imperial Union.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Other Works


In Year 11, when her brother Owen was then the High Ambassador of the New Republic, he told her that he intended to run for the position of Chief of State of the New Republic and he wanted her to serve as his Galactic Campaign Director.


Growing up, her Father Victor had instilled on her that she would not be a burden to society and would need to give back. She volunteered frequently at her Family Foundation throughout her childhood and beginning in Year 10, was asked by her brother Owen to serve as the founding Executive Director, of the OvI Foundation. In Year 13, she formed her own charitable initiative called the Burberry for the Homeless Foundation. Their motto was, "Because even the Homeless deserve to Look Good".


Positions Held
Preceded by
Position Created
Editor-in-Chief of the Tresarian Dawn
Year 18 Day 120 — Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Azarin Isard
Minister of State of the Tresario Star Kingdom
Year ? — Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Position Created
Minister of Cultural Heritage of the Tresario Star Kingdom
Year 15 Day 222 — ?
Succeeded by
Position Eliminated
Preceded by
Minister of Culture of the Anzatan Commonwealth
Year ? — Year 15 Day 222
Succeeded by
Position Eliminated with Merger