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  • ...xy, and felt that there were significant political differences between the people of Tresario and King Bisz Aldaris. Also, Bisz Aldaris began to show disrega ...rge group of Federation citizens and ministers left Falleen. Many of these people joined the Kingdom, including a major portion of the Falleen Army and forme
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  • ...egory: Organisation Images]] and people's images should go to [[:Category: People Images]]. If no category matches your image, simply put it in the [[:Catego uses. For example, a page for a Military Officer might have [[:Category:People]], [[:Category: Males]], [[:Category: Humans]] and [[:Category: Tresario Co
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  • ...o Tresario's newly crowned King, [[Jude Vatz]]. Most of this newly joined people was from Falleen Army, Clive was one of them. [[Tresarian Army]] was formed [[Category:People]]
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  • ...- 005 proposed by Viceroy Landion Domic. The action allowed the Tresarian people to select a name for the previously nameless meeting room used by the Hall
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  • ...Star Kingdom in awe. Wondering how something so massive could work and how people loved the Kingdom like they did. He finally decided that was going to be hi [[Category:People]]
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  • ...g of Tresario as such they do not accept contracts against Tresario or her people. During his time in the guild, the Metamorphosis plague struck again, this [[Category:People]]
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  • ...lly taking on the roles of Acting Chief Financial Officer and Acting Chief People Officer. She was later promoted to President & General Manager of Anzatan R [[Category:People]][[Category:Hapan]][[Category:Nobility]][[Category:Hall of Ministers]][[Cat
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  • ...Economic, Technological, and Political union that serves and inspires the people of the galaxy for a better, brighter tomorrow. The Imperial Union and its i
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  • [[Category:People]][[Category:Falleen]][[Category:Nobility]][[Category:Hall of Ministers]][[C
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  • ...[full name] do solemnly swear allegiance to the Tresario Star Kingdom, its People, and to the King of Tresario. As a [Colonel/Brigadier/General] of the Order
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  • ...t wasn't the money, the medals or the titles that motivated me, it was the people of Tresario, this great community that we live in each and every day."'' [[Category:People]]
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  • [[Category:People]]
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  • ...ld Republic, the Anzat Order was the dominant power in the galaxy, and its people were one of the first space-faring races. Through years of space travel, th ...with power, and their rule degenerated into despotism. At last, the Anzati people revolted and overthrew the nobility.
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  • ...mmonwealth's corporations. Although at first refusing promotion over fears people would feel he is "taking over", he eventually agreed to become the Minister [[Category: People]]
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  • ...on by an opportunistic corporation that seeked maximum exploitation of the people and their planet for personal gain.
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  • [[Category:People]]
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  • ...for the Kingdom to have the heir of King Vatz confirmed by the leaders and people of Tresario. It is my pleasure to announce that House Tresario has unanimou
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  • ...nce his race have towards the Jedi was now at odds with his loyalty to his people and his King, as a consequence, his Kyber crystal is starting to lose its c [[Category:People]]
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  • ...ya. His father, Fiyaskan Arborin, was a legendary hunter among the Sakiyan people before he was branded a traitor. It was rumored that Fiyaskan allowed a kin
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  • ...f warriors we were able to stop their advance enough to afford time to the people of the city to flee safely, while we hammered them mercilessly with all the ...against the vicious rebels who seek to destroy all that we have built. The people of Tresario and Anzat are incredibly similar in both our ideals and the pat
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