Order of Tresarian Freedom

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Order of Tresarian Freedom
General Information
Status Active
Leader His Majesty, King Fooj Iwajo
Ranks Marshall
Notable Members Marshall:




Historical Information
Place of
Founded Year 9, Day 300
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom


The Tresario Star Kingdom was founded on the belief of freedom and liberty for all. In order to honor those who have contributed greatly to the Kingdom, the Order of Tresarian Freedom was established. There are four ranks within the Order of Freedom: Marshall, General, Brigadier, and Colonel. The General of the Order, who is the Premier of Tresario, nominates deserving individuals, and with the assent of the King of Tresario, who is the Marshall of the Order, bestows it upon them. The recipient must swear an oath during the presentation of the order. The words must be spoken out loud and witnessed by two other citizens.

The members of the Order are distinguished by wearing an upper arm patch, on the right arm, with the Tresario emblem on it. The colour of the patch braid indicates the level of the Order, white for Colonel, silver for Brigadier, gold for General and crimson for Marshall. Members also carry a ceremonial sword that has a Tikiar on the blade, and has a coloured hilt that indicates the level of the Order. All male members of the Order carry the title Sir, and all female members carry the title Dame. A monogram is added to the end of their name, indicating the level of the member in the Order.


"I [full name] do solemnly swear allegiance to the Tresario Star Kingdom, its People, and to the King of Tresario. As a [Colonel/Brigadier/General] of the Order of Tresarian Freedom, I take upon myself the responsibility of safeguarding the Tresario Star Kingdom and the Tresarian Crown against all those who would strike it down. I take upon myself the responsibility of preserving the Liberty and Freedom of Tresario in the face of all adversity that it may face. This I swear to do with my will, my blood, my very life."

Nobility-red-3.png Red.png

Marshall (M.F.) The King of Tresario is the Marshall of the Order of Tresarian Freedom and is addressed as Your Majesty.

  • His Majesty, King Jude Vatz (deceased)
  • His Majesty, King Alto Rexar (retired)
  • His Majesty, King Fooj Iwajo


General (G.F.) The Premier of Tresario is the General of the Order of Tresarian Freedom and is addressed as Your Excellency. The General nominates individuals for the Order and with the Marshall's assent invests them in the order.

  • His Excellency, Lord Steve Sphinx (retired)
  • His Excellency, Lord Xyler Zero (retired)
  • His Excellency, Lord Vernon Foxtail


Brigadiers (B.F.) A Brigadier of the Order has the privilege of having Sir or Dame added before their name, and the monogram B.F. added after their name. Only a Colonel of the Order may be promoted to the rank of Brigadier of the Order.

  • Sir Landion Domic (Deceased)
  • Lord Filithell Arborin
  • Lord Tal Collan
  • Sir Dek Sulare
  • Lady Ruru Emily
  • Sir Jared Waymen (Deceased)
  • Lord Billys Bob
  • Sir John Green (Deceased)
  • Lord Xias
  • Lord Michael MaCleod
  • Sir Moer Daeth
  • Sir Orhin Yemel
  • Sir Okrim Rimdor
  • Sir Jimmy Roggeman
  • Sir Wise Huang
  • Sir Kevin Wolff
  • Sir Shawn Veldn
  • Sir Bruder Jun
  • Sir Garharh Brin

Nobility-white-3.png Whitepatch.png

Colonels (C.F.) A Colonel of the Order has the privilege of having Sir or Dame added before their name, and the monogram C.F. added after their name.

  • Sir Endrance Devilling
  • Dame Tianna Orchid
  • Sir Galen Wise
  • Sir Lance Rainrunner
  • Sir Derikk Almoneth
  • Sir Hawwi Joshe
  • Sir Zeff Traner
  • Sir Torlac Lythis
  • Sir Tyrrvokk Nysshyyyk
  • Sir Antonio Maio
  • Sir Neres Warjan
  • Sir Max Pendragon
  • Sir Caos Vend`etta
  • Sir Takar Resk
  • Sir Taarn Star
  • Dame Sydney von Ismay
  • Sir Clive Redrum
  • Sir Jim Doskias
  • Sir Ro-nin Linj
  • Sir Wedge Cornely
  • Sir Gravnkev Forestwanderer
  • Sir Zero Turner