Anzat Core Fleet

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Anzat Core Fleet
General Information
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Motto "With the might of Valkyries, freedom cascades through the heavens."
Status Active
Founded Year 15 Day 221
Disestablished Year 20 Day 204
Headquarters Classified
Department Tresario Star Kingdom Navy
Known Members List of known Anzat Core Fleet members
Mission(s) Classified
Fleet CO Shawn Veldn
Fleet XO Ro-nin Linj

The Anzat Core Fleet is also known as the Tresarian Navy Second Fleet. The fleet was formed on Year 15 Day 221 when the Anzatan Commonwealth was annexed by the Tresario Star Kingdom.


At the time of its formation, the Anzat Core Fleet was comprised, almost entirely, of former members of the Royal Anzatan Commonwealth Navy, to the extent that it is almost impossible not to see its founding as simply a renaming of the RACN. Among academics, there is debate as to the reason for this. Some historians believe that the annexation of the Commonwealth occurred on such short notice that the Tresarian Navy had little time to find a more elegant way of folding the Anzatan Navy into Tresario's own military forces. Others maintain that it was a calculated decision, possibly to placate the likely disgruntled Commonwealth military or to take advantage of the already-formed camaraderie within the RACN. Regardless, despite its mostly RACN composition, the Anzat Core Fleet quickly integrated into the Tresarian Navy. The smooth transition was likely precipitated by the change in command staff and the recruitment of new members into the fleet, both of which occurred almost immediately after its formation.

Shortly after the induction of the RACN into the Tresarian military, the commanding officer of the RACN, Admiral Arashi Starhunter, was promoted to the position of Deputy Minister of Military Operations, and Captain Kevin Wolff was chosen to replace Starhunter as commanding officer of the Anzat Core Fleet. This change in command, in conjunction with the enlistment of new recruits into the ACF, greatly aided the fleet's development of a distinct Tresarian identity in addition to its Anzatan one.

Former Commanders

  • Fleet Admiral Kevin Wolff (Year 15 Day 221 - Year 17 Day 76)
  • Commodore Clive Redrum (Year 17 Day 13 - Year 17 Day 111)
  • Commodore Fooj Iwajo (Year 17 Day 109 - Year 19 Day 200)
  • Admiral Shawn Veldn (Year 19 Day 200 - Year 20 Day 204)